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by Mike Deane

1 Feb 2009

As much as I’m looking forward to this interview, almost every part of the trailer makes me uncomfortable. Lil Wayne’s delivery is so serious/dramatic that it makes my skin crawl. Sure, it seems like he’s going to talk about some heavy stuff (maybe) but the way he goes about it is completely unnerving. Though I’m excited for the interview, there’s a certain amount of anxiety that goes along with it.

by tjmHolden

31 Jan 2009

If you were going to listen to The Boss and his E Street pals playing four songs in a stadium of 70,000 football (read casual Boss) fans, what would the play-list be? Of course, the national TV audience is much larger (up to 100 million viewers) and depending on who you ask (The NFL: up to one billion; a more reasoned calculus: 200 million), the world-wide viewership even greater. So, what 4 songs to play?

Well, in doing some prep for tomorrow’s real-time blogging, I happened across the NFL’s Super Bowl XLIII web site where they actually provide some sample sets and allow people to weigh in on their choices. The possible sets:

  • Playlist A: Glory Days, My Lucky Day, Badlands, Born to Run
  • Playlist B: Born to Run, Rosalita, Working on a Dream, The Rising
  • Playlist C: The Rising, Darkness on the Edge of Town, Working on a Dream, Hungry Heart
  • Playlist D: Born in the USA, Thunder Road, Rosalita, My Lucky Day
  • Playlist E: Born to Run, Dancing in the Dark, Radio Nowhere, The Rising
  • Playlist F: Rosalita, The Wrestler, Glory Days, Born to Run
  • Playlist G: Glory Days, Born to Run, The Rising, Working on a Dream


by Sarah Zupko

30 Jan 2009

Robert Harrison’s pop instincts are every bit as on target with Future Clouds and Radar as they were with his previous band Cotton Mather. Cotton Mather produced one of the ‘90s most perfect pure pop albums in 1997’s Kon Tiki, channelling mid-period Beatles far better than Oasis ever dared to. Harrison hasn’t lost his touch. Future Clouds and Radar’s 2008 release, Peoria, is chock full of poppy gems and hook-filled melodies. Here are three songs from this latest album as well as the new video for “The Epcot View”.

Future Clouds and Radar
Feet on Grass [MP3]

Mummified [MP3]

The Epcot View [MP3]

by Sarah Zupko

30 Jan 2009

John Forté is out of prison now and getting busy, writing a bi-weekly column for The Daily Beast and making new music. First up is a cover version of Kanye West’s “Homecoming” with PopMatters perennial favorite Talib Kweli.

John Forté
Homecoming [MP3]

by PopMatters Staff

30 Jan 2009

Dan Raper said of Fujiya & Miyagi’s Transparent Things (2007), “you get the feeling Fujiya & Miyagi would be appealing no matter what genre they chose to write in, but they’ve chosen what has been called ‘whisper-electro’, or what you could also call electro-twee.” Here’s the latest single, “Sore Thumb”, from their most recent album, Lightbulbs.

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