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by Ian King

29 Jun 2015

“You stand atop the spires / To see your vigil fires/Burn so far away / On a saffron mezzanine”

Skyscraper: …is it mainly a personal thing—for you to write songs as a personal experience?

Brian Girgus: Yeah, it’s weird, see sometimes I wonder if a lot of the things Imaad is singing about, he’ll say things in a song and I’m just like ‘’oh that’s weird, I know exactly what incident he is talking about right now”, and then other times he will just kind of paint these pictures of things that are potentials in his head or things that could happen or things that he had some dream about or something. What was the exact thing you asked me again?

Skyscraper, Summer 1999

“You were a statue liar / Your schisms did conspire / The crumbled stones remain / Covered with bloody stains”

The back half of Kill the Lights is one of the more visceral album sides in any genre. Admittedly, “visceral” is one of those adjectives that get brought out a little too often in attempts to describe passionate records. For clarity’s sake, let’s double check Merriam-Webster’s definition: “coming from strong emotions and not from logic or reason”. When people writing about music use the word “visceral”, they are, more often than not, probably thinking of the first half of its definition, and not intending to demean the artist by suggesting they were neglecting logic and/or reason.

by Brice Ezell

29 Jun 2015

Back in May, PopMatters premiered the kooky and all-out fun video by the Kalamazoo, Michigan outfit Jake Simmons & the Little Ghosts, “All My Friends Are Dead”. That song, a high-energy, punk-infused rock number, features on Jake Simmons & the Little Ghost’s new record, No Better. Now, PopMatters is happy to premiere the latest video from No Better for the track “Take Me With You”. Although it lacks the general zaniness of “All My Friends Are Dead”, it’s nonetheless a fine rock number with some tasty, bluesy soloing. Enhanced by the sharp black-and-white capture by Three Goats Moving Pictures, “Take Me With You” is another great video addition to the No Better tracks.

by Adrien Begrand

29 Jun 2015

Much like Tapes n’ Tapes, Milwaukee band Light Music serve up a sunny, breezy take on experimental music, dappling their neo-psychedelic compositions with myriad colors, melodies and harmonies swimming around the listener. All of that is on full display on “Petrichor”, the first single from their new album Ocean’s Daughter, which we are very proud to premiere today. With summer in full swing, at least for those of us in the northern hemisphere, this track’s timing could not be better.

by Adrien Begrand

29 Jun 2015

When you listen to the new track by Jesse R. Berlin, there comes a point where you find yourself thinking, wait, is this guy just taking the piss? Then you read his bio, which his fictionalized so hilariously, that you laugh and go along with it all. It turns out this project is helmed by a New York artist who prefers to bring some fun mystique to the indie scene, and although it only takes a 30-second Google search to learn who he is, it’s better to go with it, and listen to the comical blend of new wave, chillwave, and outsider music on new track “Wash Your Boat!”, which we’re very happy to premiere here at PopMatters.

by Adrien Begrand

26 Jun 2015

Developed over a series of email correspondences between London and Birmingham, English duo Malpas have created a unique sound, combining elements of folk music and electronic. Singer-songwriter Ali M. Forbes provides acoustic instrumentation and heartfelt vocals, while producer Andy Savours, a student of studio geniuses Alan Moulder and Flood (producing such bands as My Bloody Valentine and the Pains of Being Pure at Heart) adds electronic loops, drones, and samples of found percussion. All ingredients are on full display on the track “Where the River Runs”, and we’re proud to present the bleakly themed, beautifully photographed new video for the track. It’s a perfect visual companion to the aching composition.

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