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by Alan Ranta

3 Feb 2009

Supposedly an ancient supergroup that went their own ways, the master tapes for the BPA sessions were unearthed earlier this year, cleaned up, and are now publicly available.  Fantasy is fun, ain’t it?  As our review said, “The album’s strongest track is also a cover. ‘He’s Frank (Slight Return)’, originally by the Monochrome Set, appears here with a funkier bassline, abundant handclaps, and almost subterranean vocals from Iggy Pop.” As the video proves, even as a muppet, Iggy can still kick your ass.

by tjmHolden

3 Feb 2009


As indicated, there was one more Super Bowl ad I wanted to weigh in on. It was an ad that actually


shown during the broadcast; nonetheless, you may have seen it. If not, you have undoubtedly heard about it.

It was an ad produced by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)—you know, the rights group that agitates against consumption of animals and advocates for better treatment of same in scientific experimentation.

And the ad they have produced to advance their cause?: the ad embedded above.

Click on it, if you haven’t already. And I wonder whether, at some point during the disrobing, and the clutching and stroking and fondling of self, and the massaging and rubbing of vegetables against skin, you were not assailed by the thought: “wait a minute . . .

people are animals . . . right? And so, like . . . how is it that the women in the ad are being treated any better than animals in cages? How is it that an organization aimed at improving the treatment of animals can be mistreating

animals so crassly, so brazenly?

by PopMatters Staff

3 Feb 2009

Dominic Umile described Canadian band Faunts back in 2007 thusly: “Woozy synth washes on Faunts’s M4 lead the Canadian quintet to wander off on Slowdive-styled comedown trips as often as Ulrich Schnauss does.” Faunts return on February 17 with a new album on Friendly Fire Recordings, Love. Feel. Thinking. Of. Here’s the new single off the upcoming record, “It Hurts Me All The Time”.

It Hurts Me All the Time [MP3]

by PopMatters Staff

3 Feb 2009

Back in 2006, Roger Holland raved about Amy Lavere’s This World Is Not My Home, calling it “one of the best albums of 2006”. Here she is on the latest installment of the Sun Studio Sessions.

by PopMatters Staff

3 Feb 2009

New albums out this week that are available in full on lala.com for streaming…

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