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by Jason Cook

2 Dec 2008

What do you buy for the sports gamers on your list? They already snagged Madden on launch day. They have already chosen between the latest MVP Baseball or MLB 2K8. They have already logged hours on NBA 2K9. Despite cries of the sport it’s based on being “boring,” FIFA Soccer 2009 may be the answer. Once the bridesmaid to the Winning Eleven series, FIFA has steadily improved over the past few years—culminating in this year’s superb installment that makes it the soccer simulation to own this year. With a deeply complex control scheme, over 500 teams (41 national teams), online play and an innovative feature that updates player stats to reflect their real-life performance, this is a must-own title for any true soccer fan. The inclusion of MLS teams (Beckham!), spectacular player animations, controls that are easy enough to get into, but take time to master, and fluid, satisfying game play and a host of over improvements then turn FIFA into a title that has a good chance to convert even the most green of futbol fans.


by J.M. Suarez

2 Dec 2008

The Lemonheads released It’s a Shame About Ray in 1992 and 16 years later it’s gotten the Collector’s Edition treatment. For an album that clocks in at just under 30 minutes, its raucous energy and catchy melodies makes it sound fuller than one might expect -– this album has held up very well. The Collector’s Edition contains demos of almost all the tracks and a second disc DVD that includes videos from this album, as well as from Lovey and Come On Feel the Lemonheads. The 1993 documentary, Two Weeks in Australia, is also included.  This re-release is an opportunity for old fans to rediscover a great album and for new fans to discover an underrated gem.


by Karen Zarker

2 Dec 2008

The third and equally worthy installment in The Intellectual Devotional series, this is the book that will give your trivia-loving know-it-all an edge. That’s obvious. But anybody post-BA with an active mind will benefit from a revisit to the concepts (neoconservativism), movements (busing), trends (Beatlemania) and individuals (Rupert Murdoch), to name but a few highlights of modern culture. Equal parts reminder, rediscovery and ‘I never new that’ illuminating, these 365 daily readings will prompt ‘Did you know that ...?’  conversation for, well, at least the year to come.


by Sarah Zupko

2 Dec 2008

In this year of historic change with the U.S. electing America’s first African American President while in the midst of an unpopular war and the growing strength of gay rights protests, the time has never been better to reexamine the 1960s. The History Channel’s massive set, The 60s, covers all the turmoil and hope of that era through a series of major documentaries, including programs on JFK, Martin Luther King Jr., the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights struggle, the massive protest movements, and the race to the moon. It’s essential viewing for understanding a vital decade in American history as well as for shedding light on our current challenges.


by Bill Gibron

2 Dec 2008

When he left Mystery Science Theater 3000 at the beginning of Season Five, many thought they had seen the last of Joel Hodgson as a satiric silhouette taking on famously bad movies. Last year, the cult comedian announced a comeback of sorts—and he brought several series alum (J. Elvis Weinstein, Trace Beaulieu, Frank Conniff, and Mary Jo Pehl) with him. With five fantastic self-produced episodes under their belts (each one improving on the next), the gang has given the old in-theater ribbing format a novel shot in the arm. Sure, it’s still the same old celluloid irreverence, but Joel and his cohorts have brought it right up to date.


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Slowdive Sell Out Brooklyn and Release Bonus Song "30th June"

// Notes from the Road

"Although sound issues delayed their set on the second night, Slowdive put on an unforgettable show in Brooklyn, or rather two shows.

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