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by Jonathan Frahm

15 Aug 2017

Comprised of vocalist Anna Toy and keyboardist Andy Toy, Moxi is a Los Angeles duo producing lilting electronic music centered around brooding, textural layers of composition, as well as ethereal vocal performances and melodies.

by Scott Zuppardo

14 Aug 2017

Chicago music/culture scribe staple Erin Osmon’s debut as a book writer is a touching, almost mythical glimpse into the posthumous genius of Jason Molina. The Songs: Ohia / Magnolia Electric Co. mastermind’s tale is a harrowing scope on the travails of one of America’s most tragically unsung folk rock heroes.

by Jon Harvey

14 Aug 2017

The internet never killed rock ‘n’ roll, but it for sure killed much of the mythology that rock ‘n’ roll existed upon. If the journey into the afterlife is anything as portrayed in Starz’ American Gods, then those who pray to rock gods may be greeted by one Tony Esposito, lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter of White Reaper.

by PopMatters Staff

14 Aug 2017

Mike Schiller: “Strobelite” is a perfect example of what made HUMANZ such a difficult album by Gorillaz standards: While Gorillaz have never been shy about adding guest vocalists to their songs, HUMANZ is practically a mixtape more than it is a proper album. If you heard “Strobelite” on the radio, you’d never know it was Gorillaz. Its disco-R&B intentions are shockingly straightforward, and there’s no Damon Albarn to temper Peven Everett’s vocal style. It’s a perfectly dance-ready slice of retro bounce, and the video drives home its affiliation with Albarn’s animated gang of talented hooligans but divorced from the album, it’s very difficult to hear this as Gorillaz. It’s a fine enough song searching for a true sense of identity. [6/10]

by PopMatters Staff

11 Aug 2017

Chris Ingalls: Pure Comedy is a giant leap forward for Father John Misty, not just in terms of his already high “mystique” factor; it also shows his songwriting prowess growing by leaps and bounds. The piano-led compositions and analog studio techniques show a maturity that falls somewhere between Brian Wilson, Randy Newman and Harry Nilsson, all major-seventh orchestrations and heart-on-sleeve vocalizing. Indie rock isn’t supposed to be this sophisticated. Thank goodness Josh Tillman is here to break conventions. [9/10]

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'Inside' and the Monstrosity of Collectivism

// Moving Pixels

"An ability to manipulate a collective is a hint at what a little boy's power as an individual might be.

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