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by Jonathan Frahm

18 Sep 2017

Right now, the United States, as well as the world, is going through harrowing times. Whether you are looking at the current state of division in politics, towards natural disasters, or the encouragement of hate groups, there is no shortage of discouraging news hitting our feeds at every blink of an eye.

When times get tough like this, you can always rely on music as an artistic expression that won’t go down without a fight. It manifests itself in different ways, whether it’s calling for peace and passiveness, or telling its listeners not to back down and to say their part against injustice forthrightly.

by Jedd Beaudoin

15 Sep 2017

Photo: Kiki Conway

“Autophøbia” is the latest song from Brooklyn duo NØMADS; the group has been releasing a song a month as part of its Phøbiac EP project. Joining frontman Nathan Lithgow (My Brightest Diamond) is Brian Wolfe (David Byrne and St. Vincent, the Dap Kings). The accompanying video captures the pair performing in an abandoned Catholic school’s furnace room, adding to the track’s already haunting nature.

by Jordan Blum

15 Sep 2017

Photo: Lindsay Duncan

Canada’s Gabrielle Papillon has long stood as a remarkable singer/songwriter, and her upcoming sixth LP, Keep the Fire, maintains that excellence. Having heard the whole thing, I can attest to its wonderful mixture of dense, rustic instrumentation, bittersweet yet empowered singing, and captivatingly confessional lyricism. While each piece succeeds in its own ways, arguably the best track in the sets is the title track, which Papillon is now premiering ahead of the collection’s 13 October release date (on UK label the state51 Conspiracy). With its boisterous and dynamic arrangement, catchy chorus, and engaging sentiments, it’s guaranteed to ignite something meaningful within you, too.

by Jonathan Frahm

15 Sep 2017

Photo: Chelsea Kornse

Most of the time, achieving one’s dreams doesn’t come easy. Even times of success can be followed by times of doubt, severe writer’s block, and questioning oneself over the meaning of their pursuit.

Such was the case for Matt Martin, the singer-songwriter at the center of indie rock outlet Wanderwild when recording “Dreams”. The Georgian artist has since moved on to greener pastures, announcing the release date of his new album, In Due Time, on 17 November.

by Sarah Zupko

14 Sep 2017

Brilliant UK artist Kate Tempest raps her way through a deeply socially conscious track in “Tunnel Vision”, which appeared on her Mercury Prize-nominated Let Them Eat Chaos. With her gift for words, Tempest is a poet of the left behind people in this era of neoliberalism. She also critiques the abuses of the capitalist system and the cult of the individual: “The myth of the individual has left us disconnected, lost and pitiful.” Tempest’s music is meant to enlighten and educate, as well as to entertain.

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