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In his 9 out of 10 PopMatters Pick review of Courtney Barnett’s Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit, Arnold Pan writes, “Barnett pretty obviously succeeds on Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit in meeting a more mainstream audience at least a little bit of the way. But for those who aren’t willing to follow… Barnett all the way as she goes on the rest of a twisting, turning path that’s uniquely her own, that’s their loss, not hers.”

Below you can watch Barnett perform the Sometimes I Sit and Think cut “Dead Fox” in the cozy environs of the Black Cab Sessions.

In case you didn’t get your fill of vinyl during last weekend’s Record Store Day, summer 2015 has a major new release in store that will no doubt whet the appetites of any and all vinyl fanatics, particularly those who are also Beatles obsessives. This June, the studio discography of John Lennon will be compiled in a luxurious box set, simply entitled Lennon. All of these records, with the exception of Imagine and Rock ‘n’ Roll, are at the moment out of print on vinyl.

The remasters of these albums, arranged by Yoko Ono, derive from original mixes by John Lennon. The authenticity to the original LP releases is furthered by the vinyl packaging itself: each record is re-produced to the specifications of their original UK vinyl editions.

On their official Facebook page, the Winnipeg, Canada group Royal Canoe describe themselves as “armed with falsettos, guitars, effects pedals, drums, basses, tambourines, shakers and a six-keyboard super-weapon.” With their latest in-studio performance for the folks at CD Baby, the band employs that arsenal to a supremely catchy effect on the tune “Birthday”. The main refrain “It’s not about you / It’s going to happen without you” is delivered in a quirky, rhythmic effect, which is then enhanced by the subtly funky backing instrumentation.

“Birthday” is a track from Royal Canoe’s 2013 LP, Today We’re Believers.

With it being 4/20, many people truly are “Beginning to Fade”—if they aren’t already there yet. For those who haven’t done so yet, the music and visuals of this latest number by the South London rock outfit Django Django will prove a psychedelic and lovely detour on what for many people will be just an ordinary Monday interrupted by stoned people marauding through the streets.

“Beginning to Fade” is a track from Django Django’s forthcoming LP, Born Under the Sun.

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