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Monday, Aug 14, 2006
by PopMatters Staff

Songs for Nao: Fourteen Bands From Japan
Various Artists
Chapter Music
Download “Stars” by Nagisa Ni Te (MP3, 192kbps)
Download “Book Of Life” by Maher Shalal Hash Baz (MP3, 192kbps)
Download “Here Is Very” by My Pal Foot Foot (MP3, 192kbps)

Achados E Perdidos
Quannum Projects
Download “Guerreiro” (MP3, 192kbps)

“Get lost. Then find yourself with a Brazilian wunderkind.” PopMatters review [7 out of 10]

Dengue Fever
Download “Sni Bong” (MP3, 192kbps)

“The Los Angeles sextet get thoughtful with their sashays the second time around. Just don’t call it Cambo-Pop.” PopMatters review [8 out of 10]

See You On The Moon! Songs For Kids Of All Ages
Broken Social Scene
Paper Bag Records
Download “Puff The Magic Dragon” (MP3, 192kbps)

Tepid Peppermint Wonderland:  A Retrospective
The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Rubric Records
Download “Who?” (MP3, 192kbps)

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Friday, Aug 11, 2006
by PopMatters Staff

Ani Difranco—"Millenium Theater"
From Reprieve on Righteous Babe Records
Every new album from singer/songwriter/guitarist Ani DiFranco gives listeners a reason to get excited about music all over again, and her latest, Reprieve, is certainly no exception. Across 12 tracks, DiFranco ignites more of her signature blend of poetry, politics and musicianship.

PopMatters review: Reprieve

Ani DiFranco—“Hypnotized” [Live on The Henry Rollins Show]

Evangelicals —"Here Comes Trouble"
From So Gone on Misra Records
Evangelicals have an uninhibited approach to making music that sounds spawned not from some scene or gaggle of influences, but a place that’s otherworldly and totally of the moment. Recorded using various four track machines and broken-down computers, So Gone sometimes sounds like a happy accident of sounds and songs, a collision of melody and atonality, a battle between tunefulness and dissonance.

PopMatters review: So Gone

  Stella (U.S.) —"NYC"
From American Weekend on Yesman Records
Though officially unreleased since its recording in 1999, Stella (U.S.)‘s American Weekend album has maintained a clandestine life of its own. Bootleg copies passed between friends and fans, and seemingly the only way to hear the album was through a pirate copy. Until now. Yesman Records is proud to announce the long awaited second release from this superlative rock band.

Hot One —"Do The Coup D’etat"
From Hot One on Modern Imperial Recordings
Hot One observes and aims to continue the tradition of music as a medium for social protest, a la the Clash, Public Enemy, Psychic TV, Woody Guthrie, Minor Threat, the MC5. As well, Hot One fully intends to bring the rock, regardless of content. Hot One takes a bead on both your mind and your crotch, and hopefully hits you somewhere in between.

Spoon —"Mountain To Sound"
From Soft Effects EP | “Telephono” on Merge Records
For legions of Spoon fans that have discovered the band only recently, through the success on albums such as Gimme Fiction, Kill The Moonlight, and Girls Can Tell, the first two Spoon recordings have been out of print. Now Merge Records is incredibly proud to reissue Telephono and Soft Effects, bringing the entire Spoon catalog under one roof for the first time.

PopMatters review: Soft Effects EP/Telephono

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Tuesday, Aug 8, 2006
by PopMatters Staff

“Idlewild Blues” [windows | real]
Idlewild Blues trailer [quicktime | real]

The Playwrights
“21st Century Kaspar Hauser” [MP3]

What Made Milwaukee Famous
“Idecide” [MP3]

Jim Noir
“Key of C” [MP3]

Archie Bronson Outfit
“Dart For My Sweetheart” [MP3]

“Dylan Pt. 2” [MP3]

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Monday, Aug 7, 2006
by PopMatters Staff

Nils Petter Molvaer —"Nebulizer" From An American Compilation on Thirsty Ear
Since Releasing his first landmark album, with ECM in 1997, Nils Petter Molvaer has Been awarded three Norwegian Grammys, a German Record Critics Award, and LA Weekly’s Jazz Album of the Year, securing his place among the truly meaningful jazz musicians of his generation. This album features tracks hand-selected by Molvaer from his previous releases, and is designed to reconnect the American audience with the depths of his musical landscape.

Shearwater—"Seventy-Four, Seventy-Five" From Palo Santo on Misra Records
Shearwater has transformed itself to the point of reinvention on, the band’s fourth album. The first Shearwater release to be made up entirely of songs by vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Jonathan Meiburg, Palo Santo resembles previous Shearwater albums only incidentally. It’s a thrilling, paradoxical record—icily warm, welcoming and sloppy and immaculate.

French Kicks—"So Far We Are Are" From Two Thousand on Vagrant
French Kicks are obsessed with possibility. For this band experimentation and self-discovery are the whole game, and the results of their continued explorations have set them in a category all their own. Two Thousand, offers a rare collection of thrills and intrigues, composed of sounds both foreign and familiar. Each song offers its own logic and its own rewards.

French Kicks—Trial of the Century

I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness —"According To Plan" From Fear Is On Our Side on Secretly Canadian
After a lifetime of nightfall and foggy moonlight, I Love You but I’ve Chosen Darkness creeps out of the shadows with their long-awaited full-length debut, Fear Is on Our Side. The Austin, Texas, band follows up their 2003 self-titled, five-song EP - a much poppier affair produced by Spoon’s Britt Daniel - with a dose of thunder and lightning, pain and pleasure.

I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness—According To Plan

Danielson—"Did I Step On Your Trumpet" From Ships on Secretly Canadian
With Danielson, there’s no hard distinction between the visuals (costumes and graphics) and the music from this group from suburban Clarksboro, New Jersey. “One enters your heart through your eyes, one through your ears,” says Daniel.

Danielson—Did I Step on Your Trumpet? [Live in Cleveland]

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Sunday, Aug 6, 2006
by PopMatters Staff
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