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by Matt Moeller

24 Feb 2010

The actor best known for playing hard-headed bad-ass lawman Bullock in HBO’s much acclaimed historical Western drama Deadwood is back as… a bad-ass lawman. Type-casting anyone? Speaking of that, Tim is starring in a feature film out this Friday, February 25th called The Crazies, as… you guessed it, a bad-ass lawman. Unlike The Crazies, the new FX show actually looks good and I am glad to see Olyphant back on TV playing another man of righteous violence and intensity. This time around he plays a U.S. Marshal by the name of Raylan Givens, who has been assigned to the area where he grew up after he ruffles the feathers of the higher-ups. Check out the début episode of Justified on FX, March 16 at 10PM ET/PT.

by John Lindstedt

24 Feb 2010

Comedian Aziz Ansari (as his alter ego “RAAAAAAAANDY” from Funny People teams up with TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek to call out pretty much every single rapper out there on their track “Aaaaaaaangry”:

by PopMatters Staff

24 Feb 2010

It seems everyone loves the xx these days, so it’s no surprise Sweden’s El Perro Del Mar covered one of their tunes recently at a gig in Brooklyn…

by PopMatters Staff

23 Feb 2010

(Western Vinyl)
Releasing: 23 February

01 To the Order of Night
02 Bowsprit
03 Winter Circle
04 Herons
05 Constellations
06 Steerage and the Lamp
07 Night Squall
08 On the Weight of Night
09 Palestrina

“Bowsprit” [MP3]

by McClatchy Newspapers (MCT)

23 Feb 2010

The following games are among those scheduled for release this week, according to

Feb. 22:

Endless Ocean: Blue World (Wii, rated E)

//Mixed media

Because Blood Is Drama: Considering Carnage in Video Games and Other Media

// Moving Pixels

"It's easy to dismiss blood and violence as salacious without considering why it is there, what its context is, and what it might communicate.

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