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by Timothy Gabriele

1 Mar 2010

A brilliant and gorgeous video of abstract architecture by director Ian Emes, best known for his animation for Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. For those unfortunate enough not to know, John Foxx started out his career co-signing as bandleader on the first three (and best) Ultravox albums and has since established a dynamic, intelligent, and challenging solo career that, as this tunes illustrates, continues to in this vein to this day.

by Jessy Krupa

1 Mar 2010

For as long as I can remember, people I know have always said that Hollywood is running out of ideas. This is usually said after seeing a new movie or trailers for what is coming soon. I used to think that maybe there was just a difference between them and popular taste or that they were jealous that they weren’t famous moviemakers. However, now that I think about it, they seem to be right. 

Many sequels are in the works. Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married Too?, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, Toy Story 3, Shrek Forever After, Harry Potter and the Deathly Harrows, and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse will be released this year. Meanwhile plans are being made for a sequel of sorts to recent box-office champion, Valentine’s Day, with the similarly holiday-themed New Year’s Eve. While Avatar is still playing in theatres, talk has already started that a sequel is in the works.

by Thomas Britt

26 Feb 2010

Philadelphia duo Pattern is Movement and Brooklyn quartet Via Audio will be on tour together for the next month, and both bands will feature new material in their setlists. Animalore, the upcoming LP from Via Audio, is scheduled for a March 9 release through Undertow Music Collective. Pattern Is Movement offers a couple of great new original tracks and covers of songs by David Bowie, the Smiths, and Beyonce on the Light of the World EP (Hometapes). The EP is a tour-only exclusive, so you will have to see the band on one of these upcoming dates in order to get your hands on it. Tour dates are after the jump.

Pattern Is Movement
“Light of the World” [MP3]

Via Audio
“Babies” [MP3]

by Alex Suskind

26 Feb 2010

Last week, a retrospective boxset entitled Clint Eastwood: 35 Films 35 Years at Warner Bros. was released. Dedicated to the film career of one of the greatest directors/actors in Hollywood history, the set is a summation of movies he is made in the past four decades. Unfortunately, the boxset includes only Warner Brothers pictures, so gone are classics like Sergio Leone’s Dollar Trilogy (which included A Fist Full of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. However, there are still plenty of top notch flicks like Mystic River and Dirty Harry. See the full list, along with some clips of Eastwood, below.

1. Where Eagles Dare, 1968
2. Kelly’s Heroes, 1970
3. Dirty Harry, 1971
4. Magnum Force, 1973
5. The Enforcer, 1975
6. The Outlaw Josey Wales 1976
7. The Gauntlet, 1977
8. Every Which Way but Loose, 1978
9. Bronco Billy, 1980
10. Any Which Way You Can, 1980
11. Honkytonk Man, 1982
12. Firefox, 1982
13. Sudden Impact, 1983
14. City Heat, 1984
15. Tightrope, 1984
16. Pale Rider, 1985
17. Heartbreak Ridge, 1986
18. Bird, 1988
19. The Dead Pool, 1988
20. Pink Cadillac, 1989
21. White Hunter, Black Heart, 1990
22. The Rookie, 1990
23. Unforgiven, 1992
24. A Perfect World, 1993
25. The Bridges of Madison County, 1995
26. Absolute Power, 1997
27. Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, 1997
28. True Crime, 1999
29. Space Cowboys, 2000
30. Blood Work, 2002
31. Mystic River, 2003
32. Million Dollar Baby, 2004
33. Letters from Iwo Jima, 2006
34. Gran Torino, 2008
35. The Eastwood Factor short film.

by Beth Greaves

26 Feb 2010

I love Damages. I do. But I can’t help but feel that their trailers are… lacking. Tate Donovan’s, “Another 15 minutes and you would have been dead!” is wonderful. I can’t help but think that the second trailer is much better. The first plays up a little much to the cliche of “Glenn Close as a bunny boiler,” and not so much to the truth of, “Rich, brilliant noir TV.”

Damages: Trailer #1

Damages: Trailer #2

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