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by Timothy Gabriele

30 Sep 2010

The Google is connected to the government…Continuing in the vein of M.I.A’s cryptically revolutionary statements, miss Maya has crafted a new video that speaks of connections, without actually saying anything about them. Confoundingly enough, this short (less than a minute) video even has its own website.  However, MIA’s well-publicized baggage aside, this brief piece plays a bit like an early Cabaret Voltaire sound audio-terrorist sound collage, subversive sonically.

by Sarah Zupko

30 Sep 2010

Photo: Sequoia Emmanuelle

San Francisco’s Beats Antique craft a delicious, multi-cultural, genre-defying musical gumbo that feels truly omnivorous. The ensemble is comprised of producers David Satori and Tommy Cappel—who have trekked worldwide sampling the world’s cultures—and producer/belly dancer (yes, you read that right) Zoe Jakes. Beat Antique’s new album is Blind Threshold and it draws broadly from hip-hop, dub step, Balkan brass, dance, Middle Eastern textures and more. Today we present the online premiere of the first single, “There Ya Go”, featuring John Popper of Blues Traveler. If you like what you hear, catch the group at one of their upcoming shows, listed after the jump.

by William Carl Ferleman

30 Sep 2010

Trent Reznor, of Nine Inch Nails and How to Destroy Angels, plans to develop a dystopic, science fiction television series based on Nine Inch Nails’ rather Orwellian LP Year Zero (2007). Reznor recently composed the score for the film The Social Network, but this latest news seems more fitting and purposeful; it is more aligned with Reznor’s personal artistic vision. 

Also, Reznor has, in fact, professed that Year Zero was more of a score instead of a conventional record. That said, this project should be a true challenge:  it is one thing to compose a score for a film and quite another to translate a score into a decent, compelling TV series. And if the pathetic trailer to the album and the tired and trite “Survivalism” video are indicative of anything that might occur visually in this series, Reznor is a lost soul indeed.

by PopMatters Staff

29 Sep 2010

Power pop hero Dwight Twilley returns next week with Green Blimp, that includes 12 new tunes and guest performances from Susan Cowsill and Rocky Burnette. In advance of the release, Twilley has unleashed two free downloads for fans, which you can snag below. Following the album release will be a documentary about Twilley’s long and storied career that began back in the early ‘70s, as well as an upcoming radio tour. All the up-to-date info is available over at

by Jessy Krupa

29 Sep 2010

When the list of nominated artists for the 2011 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was released this morning, there were a few surprises. This year saw 15 nominees, whereas in past years, the voters had to choose from 12 nominations. Also surprising was the number of repeat nominees, and the fact that all of the nominees were eligible for inclusion in previous years. We won’t know the official inductees until later on this year, but as for now, here are the nominees, listed in the order of who’s most likely to succeed.

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