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by Sarah Zupko

3 Apr 2017

Photo: Melissa Fargo

The Hot 8 Brass Band is legendary in New Orleans having played together for more than 20 years. The NOLA brass band has spread the gospel far and wide for this multicultural art form born in the streets of the Crescent City. Hot 8 Brass Band’s new album On the Spot released last Friday via Tru Thoughts and the group is touring the US and Europe all the way into May.

by Sarah Zupko

31 Mar 2017

Photo: Mathieu Bitton

The best thing about Trombone Shorty is the restless exploration of different genres that he brings to jazz. He ideally exemplifies the musical melting stew that is New Orleans, and he has brought jazz to new and young audiences.

by Sarah Zupko

31 Mar 2017

Coming from a musical family in Edmonton, Canadian soulstress Tanika Charles was encouraged by her talented brother to begin singing and recording. Charles grew up singing, but never considered it as a possible career. However, the encouragement helped unleash her latent musical abilities. After a move to Toronto, Charles began working within the musical community there, and she has risen to be one of the leading lights in the Toronto soul scene and Canada at large.

by Cole Waterman

31 Mar 2017

A nocturnal vibe is palpable throughout Merci Raines’ debut EP. Covering a dark substance with a shimmering veneer, the beguiling five-song record has a full-moon-at-midnight quality. It helps that its dark pop is naturally informed by the mystique of Raines’s hometown of New Orleans.

by PopMatters Staff

30 Mar 2017

Adriane Pontecorvo: Wave after wave of chrome-plated rhythm crashes against nostalgia-pinging samples on “X22RME”, a dance track fiercely modern even as it hearkens back a decade or two to turn-of-the-millennium visions of the future. Actress manages to make robotic blips sound strangely lush and organic as if all the cool alien life forms are throwing a very exclusive space yacht party. In the background, ever-present ambiance moves the song forward like a wind tunnel, heightening all the elements pushed into the forefront and giving the composition a hedonistic majesty. A dark and driving comeback with a masterful touch. [9/10]

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The Moving Pixels Podcast Becomes the 'Beholder'

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"It's easy to think that we would never be complicit with the dictates of an authoritarian regime, but Beholder reveals how complicated such choices can become.

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