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by Jonathan Frahm

30 Aug 2016

From twangy civil war chimes to modern songs of protest, love, and sadness set across both acoustic and electric soundscapes, the American folk scene’s makeup has changed drastically since laying its foundations back in revolutionary times. However, as a genre meant for bards to weave their tales and stories and convey them with utmost intimacy folk’s roots have largely stayed the same despite the rise of Greenwich village folk, Dylan going electric, or the Mumfordian movement of recent times.

by PopMatters Staff

29 Aug 2016

Dan Kok: If there was a sole heir to the spacey, futuristic musical stylings of Parliament Funkadelic or Sun Ra’s Arkestra, it just might be Mndsgn. With this heavily funk inspired track and a psychedelic space-cult video to accompany it, the LA producer has made his influences fairly clear. There’s a sense that, to his credit, Mndsgn doesn’t take himself or the music too seriously. But with that mentality, the song ends up being mostly fun without being all that memorable. [7/10]

by PopMatters Staff

29 Aug 2016

Photo: Marthe Vannebo

Chris Ingalls: A producer’s producer who’s manned the boards for everyone from U2 to Bob Dylan to Brandon Flowers, Lanois seems to enjoy bouncing back and forth between experimentation and straightforward pop/rock. On “Deconstruction”, he’s definitely embracing the former, employing some fuzzy, guitar-centric ambient soundscapes reminiscent of Robert Fripp (and perhaps taking a cue from Le Noise, the 2010 album he produced for Neil Young). Lanois provides a unique, somewhat soothing mood with this particular sonic departure, and I can only hope the rest of the album is this interesting. [8/10]

by PopMatters Staff

29 Aug 2016

Photo: Travis Shinn

Adriane Pontecorvo: Banging from the very first beat. This song layers cool on cool, laid-back vocals and driving, droning guitar, all leading to a simple chorus that’s easy to shout along with. The Pixies spend the entire two minutes at maximum power, a well-oiled machine. They’re at their tightest here, not a piece out of place from its speedy beginning until it glides to a final stop. A satisfying burst of energy. [8/10]

by Sachyn Mital

29 Aug 2016

James Chapman and Polly Scattergood (Photo credit: Cat Mook)

UK based onDeadWaves is the musical project of James Chapman (Maps) and Polly Scattergood. The duo released their debut album of dreamy rock (onDeadWaves) earlier this year on Mute. Subsequently the band found themselves with some spare time and a lot of caffeine on a late night where they recorded their take on Pink Floyd’s classic “Comfortably Numb”.

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Anticipation and Expectation in Game Marketing: The Art of “Anti-Hype”

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"Watch the trailer for No Man's Sky and then for Frostpunk. There is a clear difference in the kind of expectations each creates in its audience.

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