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by Sarah Zupko

20 Feb 2017

Vienna’s Chick Quest create their unique sound out of a vast array of influences that range from post-punk to Ennio Morricone, NEU!, and the Rapture. An American expat Ryan White formed the group in 2014 with the idea of blending the more dancey aspects of post-punk with the atmospheric, wide-open space sound of classic ‘60s western movie soundtracks. Meanwhile, repeated elements resurface in the music in a manner similar to the compositional techniques employed in electronic music. Chick Quest makes daring and innovative rock music as you will hear on their new LP Model View Controller releasing this Friday.

by Jonathan Frahm

20 Feb 2017

Photo: Will Bozarth

“Singer-songwriter” has been a popular term for the consummate musical artist since, at least, the turn of the 1960s, where a variety of self-possessed singers, lyricists, and arrangers stepped to the forefront of a popular music scene left behind by the crooners of a foregone era. For many enthusiasts of music in today’s modern age, the term has changed to encompass the mainstream pop market a little too much—pitch a line into a formulaic radio hit alongside 15 other people, and suddenly you, too, can be a singer-songwriter.

by Sarah Zupko

20 Feb 2017

British blue-eyed soul band Stone Foundation play straight up, feel-good, classic soul that can heal our wounded hearts in this ever more cruel world. The group’s new album produced by Modfather Paul Weller is Street Rituals and will be released 31st March via 100% Records. Weller also plays on all of the tracks, which makes sense as Stone Foundation‘s sound is very much within Weller’s wheelhouse.

by PopMatters Staff

17 Feb 2017

Paul Carr: Animal Collective follow up last year’s Painting With album with more of the same on new EP The Painters. Like much of their best work, “Kinda Bonkers” is bursting with ideas. Built on tabla percussion, see-saw keyboards and parallel vocals that bounce, ping and collide, the band throw everything they can in to see what cooks. All of these different ingredients are whipped up into a customary, trippy, psychedelic sponge. The whole thing is as irrepressible and energetic as you would expect, but it somehow feels more rounded. More straightforward and undemanding, never feeling like it might collapse under the weight of the hooks and melodies the band has crammed on every tier. [8/10]

by Sarah Zupko

16 Feb 2017

Photo: Asher Ross

Actress and pop artist Hayley Kiyoko made a big wave last year with her hit song “Girls Like Girls”, which received 40 million streams on YouTube based on its open-minded embrace of young love in all forms and a killer melody. Kiyoko saw praise from Billboard and US Weekly and her latest EP Citrine has further solidified her position as an up and coming major pop artist. When “Palace” first came out last year, it was a moody and ethereal pop song with dreamy vocals and gentle synth washes. On this remix by Justin Caruso, “Palace” gets heavier dance beats, the vocals move right to the front, and tempo is sped up. “Palace” highlights Kiyoko’s uncanny ability to create nearly perfect pop with seeming ease.

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