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by Eric Allen Been

1 Mar 2011

Gloom rockers Interpol just wrapped up their North American tour, and they’ve decided to commemorate the outing by releasing a free EP featuring their “touring friends” Matthew Dear and School of Seven Bells. The three-track project consists of Interpol’s “Lights”, Dear’s “Slowdance” and School of Seven Bells’ “Devil Dust”. You can download the EP through the widget below or at


by PopMatters Staff

1 Mar 2011

Up-and-comer Pearl Future recently had a massive online hit with “Looking at Me” that featured Nicki Minaj. Now she’s back with “I Want More”, a bangin’ dance-pop number that’s both an ode to rampant consumerism and a rather clever expose of the simultaneous crassness of those earthly desires—“more toilet paper, I’m the shit” has to be the best line. The tune is also the signature song for a scholarship program that the artist has launched called Futures Scholarship Program, which seeks to “encourage those who have a passion for their future and embrace society and culture positively”.

by PopMatters Staff

1 Mar 2011

“King of the Beach” is the title track from Wavves latest album and also the record’s newest video. Nathan Williams said of King of the Beach that “a lot more effort went into this than with previous Wavves records” and that he “wanted to make something bigger, something stronger”. On “King of the Beach”, the bedroom popster emerges from the bedroom with a larger sound.

by Josh Antonuccio

28 Feb 2011

How much changes in just a few short years. It was just announced that Courtney Holt is leaving his current position as president of MySpace Music. You might remember that this was preceded by a layoff of MySpace staff totaling around 50% last month. Or how about that big re-design MySpace promised? Many have found it to be even more confusing than the original layout of the site.

On the other side of the house, Edgar Bronfman and Warner Music Group are racing to beat out EMI to be the first item on the shelf for potential buyers. It wasn’t too long ago that these two titans were heralding a new partnership that would topple and beat out another company known as Facebook, as well as demonstrate to us all how to succeed with 360 deals.

Take a look at this meeting/interview of Former MySpace CEO Chris Dewolfe and current WMG CEO Edgar Bronfman from the 2008 Web 2.0 conference, announcing their new venture. It’s hard not to wince now when Dewolfe declares the MySpace dominance of Facebook or the joint confidence they had in yielding the biggest music community in the world. It’s a stark reminder of the speed at which the music industry is changing and being re-invented as tech companies grapple with how to survive in this new era.

by William Carl Ferleman

28 Feb 2011

Did Eminem become more personal by hawking products for two more major corporations? In my view, he probably emasculated his best song (“Lose Yourself”), in terms of lyrics and recognition, by allowing it to be in a Chrysler commercial. Eminem’s support of workers’ rights is fine, but this ad is false and most absurd. 

Eminem just is not a native of Michigan; he’s a Missourian. What are the chances, too, that Eminem drives a Chrysler, or any car? One of Eminem’s first non-mainstream but legitimate tracks (“Just Don’t Give a Fuck”) alludes to Missouri: he prominently raps about Marty Schottenheimer, who was the coach of the Kansas City Chiefs for several seasons.

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