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by John Garratt

18 Aug 2010

Recently I had the opportunity to review guitarist Steve Tibbetts’ latest acoustic endeavor Natural Causes. A cover of Jimi Hendrix’s “Villanova Junction” got axed from the album because it “just didn’t mesh.” As Tibbetts stated on his website:

“It was like having a dinner party where, after most everyone had left and the remaining guests were starting to fall asleep at the table there’s a sudden knock at the door and it’s Jimi Hendrix with an acoustic guitar. Cognitive dissonance.”

Perhaps it’s just me, and I have the tendency to be a “completest,” I really don’t see (or rather, hear) the problem. Can a Hendrix tune slip into something like Natural Causes unnoticed? You can easily find out for yourself by downloading the mp3 from his website. Just don’t blame him for any lack of continuity in your playlist.

by PopMatters Staff

17 Aug 2010

San Francisco’s Social Studies offer up a blend of skizzy pop and math rock on their Antenna Farms debut Wind Up Wooden Heart that released this July. Last week, PopMatters’ Dylan Nelson said the album is “peppered with delightful highlights—sudden shifts in tone and velocity, hummable but discreet phrases, bold and thoughtful instrumental flourishes… the album plays well from start to finish.” This is catchy, but never predictable music, tunes that like to mess with traditional song structure, and bring an experimental edge to a pop song. Fan of Deerhoof and Beach House will find much to enjoy here. The group is currently touring and dates and MP3s are listed after the jump.

Aug 17 2010 - Rotture - Portland, OR        
Aug 19 2010 - Chop Suey - Seattle, WA              
Aug 20 2010 - In-Store @ Music Millennium - Portland, OR          
Aug 20 2010 - Backspace - Portland, or              
Aug 22 2010 - Rock Make Street Festival - San Francisco, CA      
Aug 23 2010 - The Hub - Sacramento, CA

by Drew Fortune

17 Aug 2010

Lifting their name from one of Shakespeare’s most acclaimed plays is an indication that Jersey-bred Titus Andronicus have massive cajones and don’t shy away from grand ambition. Their brand of punk epics recall everyone from Neutral Milk Hotel to Bruce Springsteen. 2010’s The Monitor, loosely based around the concept of the Civil War, is at once sprawling, sloppy, raw and glorious. Putting on one of the best shows of the Pitchfork Weekend, Titus are a wake-up call to synth-pop indie excess and a return to rock that really matters and can make grown men weep.

by PopMatters Staff

17 Aug 2010

The Southern pop duo the Foxymorons return after five years with their latest long player, Bible Stories next week. Their gentle, pastoral pop ideally suits these waning days of summer, made all the more ironic given that these tunes were recorded during the cold winter months in frosty Nashville basement. Today we have the pleasure of premiering the video for the single “This Too Shall Pass”. Foxymoron’s David Dewese talks about the video’s creation: “We made the video ourselves, but some of the little details might be cool to mention. As with the long distance nature of our band, we each filmed footage in separate states using only our iPhones. Fort Worth represents the introspective and lonesome footage, while Nashville represents good memories and hope. We also edited from afar using iChat’s screen-share program to fumble our way through an antique version of iMovie. We can’t wait to refine the process and try it again.”

by Arnold Pan

17 Aug 2010

Belle and Sebastian
Belle and Sebastian Write about Love
Releasing: 12 October

It was only a few months ago that Belle and Sebastian were recording a new album in Los Angeles and Tweeting about Trader Joes indulgences. Stuart Murdoch and co. must’ve found a lot of inspiration in those knock-off gourmet treats, since they’ve just announced that their first full-length in four years, Belle and Sebastian Write about Love, is slated for release on October 12 via Matador. Posting two different duotone album covers and a slick video that gives only a brief glimpse of a new song, “I Want the World to Stop”, the Belles, despite the layoff, remain ever the teases.

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