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by Cole Waterman

28 Oct 2016

Los Angeles-based Send Medicine brings a modern approach to ‘60s psych-folk. With newest single “Translucent”, the group takes this to the extreme. Tribal percussion, whispery vocals, twangy guitar, and subtle electronics gel to give the tune an unorthodox pop sensibility. The off-kilter rhythm and fluid instrumentation create a sense of bobbing on an undulating wave at dusk.

by PopMatters Staff

27 Oct 2016

East Nashville’s Adrian + Meredith are a married couple with a passion for roots music that found their sound together. Adrian comes from a rock and punk background where he played the acoustic guitar in the style of clawhammer banjo, while Meredith comes out of the old-time music scene. And while their music is primarily Americana in origin, they shake things up a bit by adding in some Eastern European melodic flourishes, as well as a healthy dose of gypsy swing. On their new album, More Than a Little, the duo offers up more roots goodness with a compelling set of folk, old-time, swing jazz with a punk sneer and a good healthy dose of rock ‘n’ roll energy.

by PopMatters Staff

27 Oct 2016

Louisville’s Twin Limb have been working as the back-up band for Jim James’ (My Morning Jacket) solo shows and now they are stepping out on their own with a new album, Haplo, releasing this Friday. The group is Lacie Gutherie singer/accordion player, MaryLiz Bender drums/percussion/guitar, and Kevin Ratterman on keyboards/sound effects and they play a form of dream pop that brings some darkness to the proceedings. This set of songs is haunting and visceral, made of tougher substance than your average airy dream pop. Twin Limb’s music is less about the air than about the earth as it encompasses the aesthetics of Surrealist art and poetry.

by PopMatters Staff

27 Oct 2016

Photo: Owen Berry

Vancouver’s Goodwood Atoms blend indie folk, indie pop and electronic music into delicate, ethereal, and enticing soundscapes that seduce the listener. Influenced by Radiohead and Alt-J, the band formed back in 2014 and by 2015 had won FACTOR’s Juried Sound Recording program, which is funding the work on Goodwood Atoms’ debut LP that is scheduled for release in November. Today, we’re sharing the group’s new single “Into the Bay”.

by Sarah Zupko

26 Oct 2016

We’re doing something a little different here with this year’s Halloween playlist. No “Monster Mash” or the typical fare. Instead, we’re setting the mood for an adult Halloween with a set of complex electronic music that evokes fear, dread, worry, paranoia and even existential angst.

Play the pop tunes early, if you must, but then settle in to the dark of the night with a fine drink or bud and prepare to get tripped out with these unsettling beats. With this list of disquieting sounds, we’re also highlighting music from some of the very best electronic albums of the year (Ital Tek, Ash Koosha Kuedo, Antwood), nestled in with some old favorites (Underworld, Flying Lotus, Orbital).

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