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by Sarah Zupko

21 Jan 2011

Brooklyn’s New Idea Society labor over their indie rock compositions with a strong perfectionist streak and an abiding interest in exploring sonic possibilities and new musical approaches. Chris DeAngelis (piano and synthesizers), Alan Cage (drums), Michael DiBenedetto (bass) and Mike Law (vocals, guitar) spent two years working on their latest album Somehow Disappearing and that’s something of a rarity in these days where the pressing urgency of new media constantly demands new product and “faster and more” seems to be the developing aesthetic. To build out the presentation, the band engaged Andy LeMaster as producer, who has previously twiddled the knobs for the likes of R.E.M. and Bright Eyes. Somehow Disappearing is conceived of as something of a concept album in that it explores through sound the notion of “feeling the last second of a moment”. Ambitious indeed and the effort pays off as on this new video for “Summer Lion”. If you’re in Europe, you can catch the band live on their upcoming tour (dates after the jump).

by PopMatters Staff

21 Jan 2011

Perennial PopMatters fave Talib Kweli has a new album, Gutter Rainbows, dropping next week and he’s streaming the whole LP right now on his MySpace by way of preview. He’s got tons of help on this one, with guest turns from the likes of Jean Grae, Strong Arm Steady, Sean Price, Marco Polo, and many more. The full tracklist with production credits is after the jump.

by Sarah Zupko

20 Jan 2011

Tel Aviv’s Eatliz play a classic brand of atmospheric indie rock that has fueled great popularity in their Israeli homeland, as their debut LP Violently Delicate was a popular fave in 2008 on radio there. That success translated to an invitation to 2008’s Popkomm in Germany and a release of their album there as well as in Austria and Switzerland. Further exposure through MTV has moved the band up the ladder and, in 2011, they will be making their SXSW debut. Eatliz’s sound encompasses a satifyingly broad range of influences such as Portishead, the Concretes, Mr. Bungle and Björk. The new animated video for “Lose This Child” was created by the team of Yuval & Merav Nathan, who directed the massive viral sensation (more than 16 million YouTube views!) that was Oren Lavie’s “Her Morning Elegance”. The brooding mood and simple imagery of animated turtles crawling across a deserted nighttime beach ideally suits the song’s essential melancholy. Eatliz’s upcoming album, Teasing Nature, will release this summer.

by Eric Allen Been

20 Jan 2011

The Nymphs

Drummer Alex Kirst, who played in the glam rock group the Nymphs and with Iggy Pop’s backing band the Trolls, was killed on Jan. 13 from a hit-and-run car crash in Cathedral City, Calif., according to the Associated Press.

Kirst, who was 47, was walking along a desert road when he was struck by the vehicle. The AP is reporting that local investigators say there was no evidence that the driver of the car even attempted to brake before striking Kirst.

The Nymphs peaked in the late 1980s and early 1990s but prematurely disbanded after releasing only one album in 1990 on Geffen Records. Kirst, along with his brother Whitey Kirst and Pete Marshal, went on to play as the Trolls on Iggy Pop’s solo albums Beat ‘Em Up (2001) and Skull Ring (2003).


by Sarah Zupko

19 Jan 2011

100 Lovers
Releasing: 1 March (US)

Denver’s DeVotchKa trekked out to the Arizona desert and its atmospheric environs to record their fifth album with producer Craig Schumacher, who has previously worked with Calexico and Neko Case. Not surprisingly members of Calexico appear on 100 Lovers as the two bands have always been rather sympatico aesthetic-wise. The band’s expansive sound seems straight out of film and so it’s a logical outgrowth of frontman Nick Urata’s musical progression that he’s been busy in recent years with soundtrack work, including recent efforts on Little Miss Sunshine and I Love You Phillip Morris.

01 “The Alley”
02 “All the Sand in All the sea”
03 “One Hundered Other Lovers”
04 “The Common Good”
05 “Interlude 1″
06 “The Man From San Sebastian”
07 “Exhaustible”
08 “Interlude 2″
09 “Bad Luck Heels”
10 “Ruthless”
11 “Contrabanda”
12 “Sunshine”

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