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by Jedd Beaudoin

10 May 2017

Friday, May 12, sees the release of Earth Electric’s Vol.1: Solar on Season of Mist, which we are streaming it in its entirety now. The group finds former Mayhem guitarist Rune Ericksen teaming with highly respected Portuguese musicians Alexandre Ribeiro (bass, Grog Neoplasmah) and Ricardo Martins (drums, Jibóia) as well as London-based keyboardist Dan Knight (Messenger). Joined by vocalist Carmen Simoes (ex-Ava Inferi), the symphonic rock outfit blends the best stained glass elements of succinct, classic progressive rock with the power of unapologetic metal, culminating in an album that appeals to a broad base of listeners while never losing its integrity.

by Sarah Zupko

10 May 2017

Photo: Nicole Mago

Birmingham/Nashville roots rock ensemble Banditos gathered in late 2016 outside of Austin at the Plum Creek Sound Studios in Dripping Springs, TX and produced their upcoming sophomore album Visionland, which releases on June 23rd via Bloodshot Records. Banditos are truly a Southern band, blending classic Southern genres like country, soul, blues, and rock ‘n’ roll while adding in a bit of garage rock stomp and punk energy. For this latest album, the group stretches their wings as they explore the nature of reality versus altered states, so naturally, pyschedelic rock is making its way into the Banditos’ sound.

by PopMatters Staff

9 May 2017

Jedd Beaudoin: If we could get Chris Stapleton and Zakk Wylde to make an album together that might the ultimate. This has a great deal in common with the last Black Label Society record. It’s mellow but not depressingly so. The emotions are never overstated and it’s refreshing. You might wait for it to take off in some big way but that never quite comes. It’s surprising that this is a single. Seems more like a deep cut but good for him. [7/10]

by Magdalen Jenne

9 May 2017

Photo: Dimitry Mak

“Too Young to Fall in Love” is the latest from OWEL, pulled from their lush sophomore record, dear me. Over a lush arrangement of keyboards, vocalist Jay Sakong teases out images of restlessness, of inaction, of the torpor of being young and longing for something you can’t entirely name. The song ebbs and flows on a tide of strings provided by multi-instrumentalist Jane Park; it is underpinned by a tight drumbeat, locked in with guitar and bass. It’s a hell of a song.

by Evan Sawdey

8 May 2017

When Chris Nova was in the exuberant pop-rock outfit Boxed Wine, him and the rest of the gang had a pretty novel way of getting their music out to people: giving all of it away for free.

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