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by Dean Brown

24 Mar 2014

“The quaternity is the sine qua non of divine birth and consequently of the inner life of the trinity.
—Carl Jung, CW 11, para 125

“Quaternity”, a term coined by the theological teachings of the Process Church of Final Judgment, founded in the 1960s, relates to the existence of four deities: Christ, Jehovah, Lucifer, and Satan. According to their beliefs, the four dimensions possess their own powers of light, strength, destruction, and death—all of which individually challenge each other yet exist together within the pith of mankind. This ideology makes for an interesting and natural thematic base for Sabbath Assembly’s third full-length album, considering the unity of light and dark, good and evil, Christ and Lucifer has been extolled by the band since their psych-flecked folk debut, 2010’s Restored to One.

by PopMatters Staff

21 Mar 2014

Photo: Michael Basu

The follow up to 2008’s The Troubles and 2011’s Some Weather, Faces on Film a.k.a. Mike Fiore plays with our sense of reality and employs skillful use of imagery throughout Elite Lines, which we premiere here at PopMatters today.

by Alan Ranta

21 Mar 2014

Photo: Jensen Gifford

Originally planned as a full-length LP, Vancouver’s pop-soul darlings Chains of Love decided instead to break the Misery Makers project into a series of EPs. Volume 1 was released on November 5th of 2013, with the second installment due out on March 25, 2014 care of Manimal Vinyl/Light Organ.

by PopMatters Staff

20 Mar 2014

Ghanaian Kwesi K is gearing up for the release of his new EP Lovely coming on April 15th with this new single, “Great Goodbye”. The breezy tune draws deep from African beats to power its forward movement. Paul Simon fans will flat out love Kwesi K.

by Brice Ezell

17 Mar 2014

For those looking to counter the consumerism of St. Patrick’s Day, singer/songwriter Tim Larson may have just the remedy. Larson has recorded a cover of the Irish standard “The Unquiet Grave”. Spare, evocative, and almost gospel-like, Larson’s take on the classic tune is perfect for those who prefer to have a quiet St. Paddy’s, without the allure of cheap green beer surrounding them. This “Unquiet Grave” is best accompanied by an Irish whisky in a dimly lit room.

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'Assassin's Creed': The Comic Book

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"How does one establish an entry point into a complex mythos developed through the plots of more than a half dozen very popular video games in only about 20 pages? Not very well.

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