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by PopMatters Staff

12 Nov 2013

Tagged as a “Bay Area psych pop supergroup”, Agony Aunts live up to that description with the richly melodic concoctions of their upcoming full-length, Big Cinnamon. Built on the foundation of the Corner Laughers lineup, with guest contributions from members of the Orange Peels and the Loud Family, among others, Big Cinnamon piles on layers and layers of swirling, shining harmonics. The result is an album chock full of compositions that are sunny and fun, but shaded with enough poignance to linger around a little while.

by PopMatters Staff

12 Nov 2013

For its fourth full-length, Model Rocket, the Brother Kite has crafted a bold, sculpted effort, driven by dramatic guitars and propulsive rhythms. While many a band this deep into a career would be tempted to (over)complicate its approach after accruing more and more experience, it’s refreshing to find a group like the Brother Kite streamlining what it does and channeling it into the muscular, straight-ahead alt-rock sound you hear on Model Rocket. Streaming exclusively here on PopMatters, Model Rocket is being released today on Clairecords.

by Cynthia Fuchs

5 Nov 2013

“Never believe you’ve played your last hand,” instructs Jean Marc Calvet. “Never believe it’s too late, never believe that things will never work out.” Under his voiceover, you see Calvet walking into the frame, in slow motion. His sunglasses obscure his eyes, his bald head and hoop earrings overwhelming as he fills the frame, obscuring the traffic behind him.

As an introduction to the French-Nicaraguan painter, these first few moments of Calvet suggest his intensity, his determination, his capacity for self-reflection, They are also the last moment in Dominic Allan’s movie that moves so slowly, literally. From here on out, the pace is propulsive, as Calvet takes you on a journey through his past, passing by his present, and into his possible future. And the camera does its best to keep up with him.

by PopMatters Staff

15 Oct 2013

On Light Up Your Lantern, Bay Area multi-instrumentalist Lynx comes up with a new album that’s steeped in tradition at the same time it advances homespun innovation. Premiering here on PopMatters, Light Up Your Lantern evokes the immediacy of guitar-based folk music, only given more scale and texture with electronic elements that add depth and energy. It’s a play of contrasts that works well, as Lynx takes a familiar, time-tested approach and updates it with a sense of flair that’s current and vital.

by Jessy Krupa

9 Oct 2013

On October 9th, 1940, one of the world’s most beloved musicians was born. Amongst the millions of people who are fans of John Lennon, many notable musicians have shown their devotion through music. Most of these loving tributes are sung by his closest friends, while the others are by average, everyday rockstars who simply loved the man and his music.

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Notes, Hoaxes, and Jokes: Silkworm's 'Lifestyle' - "Ooh La La"

// Sound Affects

"Lifestyle's penultimate track eases the pace and finds fresh nuance and depth in a rock classic, as Silkworm offer their take on the Faces' "Ooh La La".

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