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by PopMatters Staff

15 Oct 2013

On Light Up Your Lantern, Bay Area multi-instrumentalist Lynx comes up with a new album that’s steeped in tradition at the same time it advances homespun innovation. Premiering here on PopMatters, Light Up Your Lantern evokes the immediacy of guitar-based folk music, only given more scale and texture with electronic elements that add depth and energy. It’s a play of contrasts that works well, as Lynx takes a familiar, time-tested approach and updates it with a sense of flair that’s current and vital.

by Jessy Krupa

9 Oct 2013

On October 9th, 1940, one of the world’s most beloved musicians was born. Amongst the millions of people who are fans of John Lennon, many notable musicians have shown their devotion through music. Most of these loving tributes are sung by his closest friends, while the others are by average, everyday rockstars who simply loved the man and his music.

by PopMatters Staff

4 Oct 2013

by Emily Hearn

2 Oct 2013

Below are the inspirations from my life that grew into songs. Each one is a piece of my heart, but I also believe that from time to time you might have felt the same way. So enjoy reading about the roots of these songs, but I would love it even more if they grew to mean something more meaningful in your own life.

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by PopMatters Staff

1 Oct 2013

Photos: Amanda Hughes

The title Tales From the Grand Bazaar tells you much of what you need to know about Bombay Dub Orchestra, as the bazaar is where cultures meet and intertwine, with Istanbul’s bazaar being the grandest. The band builds that out further, pulling sounds and textures from places as diverse as India, Turkey, Macedonia and Brazil, while blending them into a mellow electronic vibe that can be quite mesmerizing.

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