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by Evan Sawdey

26 Aug 2016

In celebration of Bar None Records’ 30th anniversary, Burnside Project—the electronics-indebted indie rock trio featuring Richard Jankovich, Gerald Hammill, and Paul Searing—have decided to do something wholly unique: take the group’s labored-over but never-released third album, Syntax and Semantics, and unleash it onto the world, starting with a two-week free download exclusive to PopMatters.

Casual observers may be familiar with “Cue the Pulse to Begin”, a minor four-on-the-floor club hit that later became the theme song to the US version of Queer As Folk, and the album that it came from, 2003’s The Networks, the Circuits, the Streams, the Harmonies, even got a nomination for the short-lived Shortlist Award, no less than Cameron Crowe ending up being the one who nominated the guys.

by Sachyn Mital

21 Mar 2016

Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Sunny Ozell got together with some friends to make a record that drew upon all her varied musical influences. Ozell recently performed the first single “Git Gone” from that record, Take It With Me, on New York City’s “Good Day” show ahead of the album’s U.S. release on April 1st. We’ve shared the video plus a few tracks from the album below. If you enjoy “Americana with soul”, you’ll probably enjoy the rollicking song and perhaps her whole record too. The album features her own material as well as covers of classic tunes (from the likes of Hank Williams and Ray Charles) that Ozell selected across its eleven tracks. While in town, Ozell treated a small crowd at Rockwood Music Hall to many of those songs a few days before her television appearance, and we have some pics from that to share too. She will be starting a string of shows in California through the end of the month so check her out in her home state if you can. You won’t be disappointed.

by PopMatters Staff

10 Mar 2016

As the warmth of spring nudges winter in it’s side, in turn the heat is rising from the Quantic studio, Sound Workshop. The new song “Curuba” has us hanging up our snow shoes and folding umbrellas for a return to swampy dance nights in empty swimming pools with luminescent cocktails. Pulsing arpeggios weave with sultry drifting banjos, the crimson horizon is just in the distance; and even knowing our winter may return, this is a welcome tropical intermission—snap it up now. This track is exclusive to Quantic’s tour 45.

by Adrien Begrand

15 Jul 2015

With Tove Lo making waves in North America and Tove Styrke on the cusp of achieving the same thing, things are looking bright for Swedish pop music, whose quality is almost always above average. Singer Mizgin is making a bid to be the next great Swedish pop export, and if there’s one thing she has going for herself it’s that she sidesteps the usual indie “poptimist”-pandering fare for flat-out, bombast reminiscent of Rihanna and Beyonce. She’s already topped the Swedish charts with “Get You Off”, and the anthemic “If I Said I’m in Love (Suicide)” aims to continue that momentum.

by John Garratt

16 Apr 2015

Composer/musician Jared C. Balogh has a wide variety of music for the taking available right here. The styles present can be interpreted as classical, jazz, or minimalist. However, for Music For Rhymers and Lyrical Designers, Balogh takes a brief step back to one of his first musical loves: in his own words, “old school rap/hip-hop from the early ‘80s through early ‘90s.” Two things stand out when listening to this free, miniature album: first, despite the words “Rhymers” and “Lyrical” being the title, Music For Rhymers and Lyrical Designers is instrumental; second, Balogh is far more interested in updating his past fascinations that just revisiting them. In other words, Music For Rhymers and Lyrical Designers has a great deal in common with his classical, jazz, and minimalist works.

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