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by PopMatters Staff

26 Jul 2017

Mike Schiller: This is a fine way to continue on with the ridiculous success of James Arthur’s own “Say You Won’t Let Go”, though it’s not nearly as catchy as that massive pop hit. The “Stripped Version” linked here is most certainly the preferred way to listen to the song, concentrating on Arthur’s appealing voice rather than Rudimental’s beats and synth work—Arthur’s laid-back vocal style here is what drives the song from forgettable territory into “I wouldn’t turn it off if I heard it on the radio.” Simple, relaxed, and direct is a valid approach even if its results aren’t particularly memorable. [6/10]

by Jonathan Frahm

26 Jul 2017

Amai Kuda Y Josephine is a Canadian duo of singer-songwriters and activists who have been working together since meeting in 2013. Their latest music video, “Cave”, presents a song that was written around the time of their initial meeting and has only evolved since then. One of the first songs the two had ever crafted together coming off of their first jam session together, it’s a piece of work that still aptly defines the organic, earthen sound of the duo alongside their message relating to the connection of humankind to nature.

by Sarah Zupko

24 Jul 2017

A week and a half ago, we had the pleasure of premiering a brilliant new song, “Flip a Coin”, from the gifted Nashville singer-songwriter Jillette Johnson. As we thought so highly of that song, we’re bringing you the stream of her new album, All I Ever See in You Is Me, releasing this Friday via Rounder Records.

by PopMatters Staff

24 Jul 2017

Photo: Kim Black (Sub Pop)

Morgan Y. Evans: Iron & Wine writes songs for days and nights you’ll remember long after they have faded into the past. One of the foremost real lyricists left out there, Sam Beam is also able to match it with beautiful, warm and rustic music that doesn’t come off as disingenuous or overly self-important while still feeling personal. He creates such lively musical postcards that most people can find a way into his songs, even as Beam avoids making them run of the mill. “Call It Dreaming” shows Iron & Wine is still the go to band for honest sentiment. [8/10]

by Jordan Blum

21 Jul 2017

Photo: The Curls

Quirky and skillful sextet the Curls may only be a few years old, but they’re quickly illustrating why Chicago is a major breeding ground for creative, idiosyncratic, and fearless music. Originally conceived as a “minimalist psych/folk project for singer/songwriter Mick [last name unknown]”, the band now sees itself as a “constantly evolving art rock entertainment content conglomerate” that endearingly blends bits of jazz, “new wave, psych, pop and prog rock” into refreshingly peculiar and sophisticated gems. Their latest track, “Prickly Feelings” (from upcoming LP SUPER UNIT), does an excellent job of showcasing their playful aesthetic.

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