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by Imran Khan

21 Mar 2013

In the rising flood of young Italian rappers taking grabs at microphones and samplers in a bid to exercise all that restless energy, comes Caso Perso (real name Alessio Saioni). At a mere 22 years old, the rapper betrays the tell-tale signs of a young musician just learning the ropes of his art and succeeding on the strength of sheer will and positivity (despite his moniker, which means “Lost Case”). It’s got to be the bottled charisma he keeps sipping on because our Italian here has enough charm to float a boatload of MCs. Caso Perso’s appeal lies not in his delivery (which is tight and fluid, nonetheless) but in his can-do-anything attitude, which adds a vibrant colour to the routine proceedings seen here in this video.

by PopMatters Staff

19 Mar 2013

The legendary electro-pop group has plotted a US tour, which includes a Coachella appearance, to promote the new record and now they have also released the first video for the project. “Metroland” is but one of the many stellar songs on the new release and the video was created by animator Garan Rushton and directed by David O’Byrne.

OMD’s Andy McCluskey says: “London’s Metropolitan Railway sold a dream ‘Live in Metroland’. So many people were encouraged to move out of the city center that the open fields they fled to become vast swathes of suburbia. The very act of reaching for Utopia led to its destruction.”

by Stuart Henderson

13 Mar 2013

Toronto indie band Volcano Playground has been busy. They’ve renamed themselves Program and hired celebrated producer David Newfeld (Broken Social Scene, Super Furry Animals) to turn the dials on a soon-to-be-released record. The results are pretty exciting. In Newfeld’s own words, “This is what Echo and the Bunnyman or Simple Minds wish they could’ve been generating 25 years ago, let alone in 2012.”

PopMatters readers can enjoy an exclusive look at the gorgeous video for “Waiting”, the lead single from the forthcoming album, below. Let us know what you think in the comments section.


by Stuart Henderson

13 Mar 2013

The Mickey Hart Band has released a new song, “Jersey Shore”, to benefit Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. 

Those who make a donation will also receive two bonus hours of music including the full length performance of the Mickey Hart Band Live on the Jersey Shore (August 17, 2012), and tracks from the band’s latest album Mysterium Tremendum.

“I was a kid from Coney Island, Atlantic Beach and Far Rockaway,” says Hart. “The Shore was the totem, the centerpiece, a physical representation of community spirit for many generations. [...] It’s time to rebuild what we’ve lost.  Let’s bring back the beauty.  Your help is needed now, more than ever.  Please give what you can.”

100% of the proceeds of “Jersey Shore” will go to Clean Ocean Action, who have organized over 3,800 volunteers since November 2012.

by Jane Jansen Seymour

13 Mar 2013

Daytrotter has also rolled out a Coachella 2013 Playlist, with the entire lineup represented in past Daytrotter sessions. The festival is planned over two weekends to capitalize on the crowds, April 12 - 14 and April 19 - 21 (info at

Of course, some groups overlap with Daytrotter’s Bonnaroo 2013 Playlist, reflecting the busy touring schedules of Grizzly Bear, Wild Nothing, the Lumineers, Tame Impala and others. Check out the sleepy sounds of the already buzzed about Jake Bugg and an alarmingly stripped down version of Two Door Cinema Club’s “Something Good Can Work”. As always, there’s plenty more where all this comes from by visiting individual sessions by the artists in the archives—just pony up that $2 a month subscription fee.

Link to listen here.

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