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by PopMatters Staff

22 Oct 2013

Now we have the pleasure of presenting you with the results in the form of this live show featuring Mercury-prize nominated sound poet Ghostpoet, along with forward-looking electronic maestro Koreless and visual artist Alex Turvey.

by Christian John Wikane

22 Oct 2013

It’s a good time to be a “souljer”. That’s the name of Russell Taylor’s ever-growing legion of listeners. The singer-songwriter recently premiered his video for “War of Hearts”, the first single off his forthcoming album.

A few years have passed since Taylor’s Confessional (2009) breathed fresh life into the independent soul music scene, but “War of Hearts” proves it’s been worth the wait for new music from one of R&B’s most gifted vocalists and songwriters. “I have been working on this CD for over a year, and ‘War of Hearts’ was the pivotal point for me,” Taylor explains. “It was the genesis for the sound of the entire CD (War of Hearts).” Indeed, the title track is cushioned by an appealing sparseness that accentuates Taylor’s strong vocals.

by Brice Ezell

21 Oct 2013

Photo: Sandra Günther

Tales of Transit City, the second LP by the German psych/prog outfit Okta Logue, is quite plain about the influences it draws from. From the classic rock of the Beatles and Led Zeppelin to the psychedelic prog of Pink Floyd, the album covers the veritable prog playbook in its nine-track running time, all the while maintaining a chilled-out mood captured in its warm, vinyl-friendly production quality. Yet instead of sounding like a student regurgitating material for a test, Okta Logue comes off as a group that knows how to respectfully pay homage to a time-tested sonic—and have a blast doing so.

by PopMatters Staff

20 Oct 2013

by Imran Khan

17 Oct 2013

A New York Times review of Chinese writer Can Xue’s work asserted that reading the author’s fiction is like “running downhill in the dark; you’ve got momentum, but you don’t know where you’re headed.”  Such a sentiment could be said of Vanessa Daou’s newest work; much of her recent explorations with club culture incite the chancy, dangerous thrill of experiment. Daou has already made a name for herself with her astonishing mix of spoken word and electronic beats on her six previous albums. Her voice, an eerie, peculiar sigh which brings a yielding and sensual warmth to her sultry grooves, is equally noted for its unbridled femininity. 

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The Vast Loneliness of 'No Man's Sky'

// Moving Pixels

"You cannot escape yourself in No Man's Sky. There is little to do but analyze the self.

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