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15 Apr 2012



by Comfort Clinton

13 Apr 2012

Prinzhorn Dance School is composed of two artists, Tobin Prinz and Suzi Horn, whose names fuse to create the band’s title. Their first eponymous album was released by DFA Records, and made its debut in 2007, garnering the group acknowledgment for its unpretentious and unique sound. Since then, the environmentally friendly band (they have a recycling clause built into their contract) has been preparing their second album. After years of toil, their sophomore LP, Clay Class, also produced by DFA, dropped on January 31.

Below is the video for their single “I Want You”, which is part of Prinzhorn Dance Schools’ new single EP of the same name. The EP will feature the single and four new b-sides. Echoing the group’s minimalist aesthetic, the video is filmed entirely in black and white and comprised of a series of close ups, mainly of parts of the singers’ bodies. Beginning with shots of their mouths, it moves to close ups of their hands, faces and ears, perhaps making an allusion to the five senses in some way. This series of visuals is accompanied by the strong guitar beat of the song, and the gentle motion of the two singers swaying in tempo to the music. Intermixed are shots of the artists engaging with the camera in stares that appear at once welcoming and defiant, while the minimalist acoustics and vocals echo in the background.

Enjoy the video for “I Want You” below, and be on the lookout for Prinzhorn Dance School’s new EP of the same name, which just came out April 10th.

by Comfort Clinton

13 Apr 2012

Gossip: everyone’s talking about it. In this case, however, Gossip is so much more than a rumor mill perpetuated by middle schoolers. Gossip is the three-person indie rock band made up of lead singer Beth Ditto, guitarist Nathan Howdeshell and drummer Hannah Billie. Their sound in the past has experimented with everything from gospel to punk rock, but they are constantly reinventing themselves. For their newest album, A Joyful Noise, due in stores on May 22 through Columbia Records, they intended to approach their sound from a new angle and to “create their own brand of pop”. Singer Ditto even admitted to having drawn great inspiration from the music of ABBA when putting together A Joyful Noise.

by Comfort Clinton

13 Apr 2012

Jack White, former member of the White Stripes, has been on his own since the band split in February 2011. Making the most of his position as number 70 on Rolling Stone’s “Top 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time”, he has since collaborated with many important artists, like Alicia Keys, Loretta Lynn, and Bob Dylan, just to name a few. The rocker’s highly anticipated solo album, Blunderbuss, is due out April 24.

White has just released the new video for a single from the album, titled “Sixteen Saltines”. It’s directed by AG Rojas and marks a serious departure from the video for “Love Interruption”, another single from White’s upcoming record. Where the “Love Interruption” video was simple and glamorous, “Sixteen Saltines” is dark, gritty and somewhat controversial. Having only recently made its debut, the new video has already made quite a splash among online critics, who note its edginess and provocative subject matter. The premise is that a group of children and teenagers have taken over a town, and are running things their way. The video is a montage of clips of them behaving badly, or at least, strangely—everything from a 10-year-old getting a face tattoo to a young man covered in blue paint playing kidnapper.

by Jane Jansen Seymour

13 Apr 2012

Daytrotter is providing its own Coachella buzz with a playlist of performers in the lineup for both weekends: April 13 – 15 as well as April 20 -22, in a new double dose experiment for the annual California desert festival. This feature by “Mr. Daytrotter” introduces everyone on the bill, a true testament to the Daytrotter mission which captures worthy bands in stripped down, live sessions. This listening opportunity of 34 songs lasts over two hours and of course hearing just one song invites further exploration Daytrotter style, with full set offerings lurking right on the website. (The monthly subscription of two dollars a month is one of life’s greatest bargains.)

Listen to the Coachella Daytrotter Playlist: 2012 here.

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