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by Shyam K. Sriram

28 Jun 2013

One morning, I finished my announcements and started the track I had loaded up. Suddenly this beautiful, lush, and violent sound filled the studio - pianos and violins played by madmen, yet accompanied by an almost jazzy bass and drum section. And then this voice, haunting, yet mollitious, crooning, “I lay down by the river / Shadows moved across me inch by inch / All that I knew / Was the war between the water and the bridge.”

by Imran Khan

28 Jun 2013

Rapper, producer and beatmaker Da Poet has earned the affectionate name of “DP King” in his native Turkey, where for years he’s been working the hip-hop circuit, cutting quality albums and putting together an inspired set of mixtapes to add to his rather wide repertoire of work. When Da Poet is not experimenting with his rhyme-techniques, he’s usually exploring new ways in which to layer texture and sound into his beats.

by Barry Lenser

28 Jun 2013

“Do I Wanna Know?”, the British four-piece’s newly released single as well as the lead cut from their forthcoming album, AM (9 September), reveals a growing control of this heavy (for them) mode. Anchored by a throbbing guitar line and crunchy percussion, “Know?” is a steadier take on the murky, stomping style that was all over 2009’s Humbug. Or, to be more recent, it’s like a cleaner, slower-burning “R U Mine?”. The pace is very deliberate, and even the wide-screen chorus has the feel of a monitored explosion. Thumbs up. But lest you fear that the Monkeys have gone overly self-serious, the lyric still boasts crafty (Alex) Turner-isms like “Simmer down and pucker up” and “Maybe I’m too busy being yours to fall for somebody new.” And this is to say nothing of the video (found below), which is a loopy animated melange of sound waves, shapeshifting sexpots, and nightmarish fantasia. Arctic Monkeys = talent + wit + style.

by PopMatters Staff

27 Jun 2013

Andy Palacio and the Garifuna Collective always worked hard to promote and celebrate the music, history and culture of the Central American Afro-Amerindian Garifuna community and now the group continues that quest with Belizean Wátina producer, Ivan Duran. Duran describes the intent and creation of the group’s new album, Ayó, releasing July 2nd via the superb “world” music label Cumbancha.

by Jane Jansen Seymour

27 Jun 2013

“Think of the Ocean” is the opening track for the album, a spare song of pulsating beats and Remiddi’s own intertwining vocals.  The video is a wavering shot as we look over a woman’s shoulder as she looks at a black slate, simple yet striking visuals that allows the focus to be on the music.  After 2012’s Strange Weekend, Remiddi sold off all his instruments in order to create, in his words, “a new color palette.”  He also enlisted Jonny Rogoff (of Yuck) on drums, Darcy Cicci (of The Antlers) on bass and Gaspar Claus on cello (a collaborator with Sufjan Stevens and The National).  Check out the video and the track list for Permanent Signal below.

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