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by Sachyn Mital

4 May 2012

PopMatters put Jukebox the Ghost on our “Best Hopes to Break Out in 2012” piece. Writer Billy Hepfinger wrote “here’s hoping their next album, rumored to be due out next year, is the one to put them on the map in a big way”. Well that album Safe Travels is no longer a rumor and it will be out next month. Jukebox have offered up two songs as a teaser from the new album via their website.

by PopMatters Staff

4 May 2012

Art Alexakis from Everclear is one of the latest major talents who has stopped by Guitar Center to play for the Nic Harcourt podcast series that now numbers 25 entries. Previous podcasts have included a diverse fare, from legends Jimmy Cliff and Quincy Jones to today’s hottest new acts like Alabama Shakes and Dirty Beaches. Today we bring you the premiere of Alexakis performing the hit “I Will Buy You a New Life”, which isn’t included on the Guitar Center web site. The official video for the episode online was “Father of Mine”, which is also included. The podcast is an intriguing series combining live performance and interview segments and is well worth subscribing to both for the quality of content and the wide range of artists represented. After checking out the videos, head on over to grab the podcast and listen to the interview with Alexakis.

About the series: “‘At: Guitar Center with Nic Harcourt’ is a podcast series that that delivers unique music, and the stories behind it as told to host, Nic Harcourt, in the highest quality possible. The series features both exclusive performance videos and audio podcasts of these interviews that aim to tell the stories of the artists, their background, their music and more.”

by Joseph Fisher

4 May 2012

Boston’s Constants have teased their new album Pasiflora by offering a cover of Catherine Wheel’s “Strange Fruit”. Pasiflora is due out on July 24th, just a few short weeks after, I hope, the Boston Celtics win their 18th NBA championship. [Ed. Note: Sorry, it’s gonna be the Spurs.]

But I digress.

Though “Strange Fruit” won’t appear on Pasiflora, it’s still worth about a thousand listens.  The original finds Catherine Wheel at the height of their powers, stirring shimmering guitars into a seething orgasmic frenzy. Constants actually slow down the track just a tad, but, trust me, there’s still sonic juice flowing throughout it. Listen below. It’s good to have it in your head.

by PopMatters Staff

3 May 2012

Alex Winston is a young singer-songwriter from Detroit who melds the ‘60s girl group sound with smart and pointed lyrics, turning pop on its head while fully exploiting pop’s standard musical tropes. Somehow it’s only too perfect that someone from Detroit is the one twisting Motown sounds into a new style. Her debut album, King Con, received praise from notables such as Pitchfork, Spin and Brooklyn Vegan and she looks set to have an artistically satisfying career. Today we bring you a remix of the album tune “Guts” remixed by Swedish electronic duo the Sound of Arrows.

by Jessy Krupa

2 May 2012

Despite a record-breaking amount of phone-in votes, American Idol’s third season is most notable for who didn’t get enough votes. Let’s put it this way, one Idol contestant would go on to win an Oscar, sing the National Anthem at Superbowl XLIII, star in numerous commercials as a Weight Watchers success story, and deliver a show-stopping tribute to Whitney Houston at this year’s Grammy awards, but she only got to seventh place. Yes, one of the show’s biggest stars to date, Jennifer Hudson, didn’t even make it to the top five.

But whatever happened to those who did make it to the top that year? Let’s find out as we continue on to 2004‘s American Idols.

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