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by William Carl Ferleman

25 Apr 2012

by Jessy Krupa

24 Apr 2012

Ruben Studdard on American Idol (2003)

After debuting in the summer of 2002, and becoming a ratings hit, American Idol began searching for new hopefuls several weeks after crowning their first winner. In a couple of months, the show returned with more elaborate sets, a wider selection of songs, one less host (Brian Dunkleman supposedly left to pursue a comedy career), and a whole lot of hype.

Despite all these changes, there was only one thing all of those millions of viewers really cared about: the contestants. But what have all of those singers been up to lately? Let’s take a look.

by PopMatters Staff

24 Apr 2012

After nearly a year of blog hype and widely praised festival performances at CMJ and SXSW, Purity Ring finally has a full-length album in the pipeline and it’s hitting the shelves and online music hubs on July 24th. The group just dropped a free track on their Twitter as a sample of the upcoming goodness.

by PopMatters Staff

24 Apr 2012

by PopMatters Staff

23 Apr 2012

And here’s the original video…

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The Anti-Zen of 'Thumper'

// Moving Pixels

"There is no tranquility in the music, only menace.

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