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by Sarah Zupko

11 Apr 2013

It’s a winning combination that has seen the band play at last year’s Les Inrocks Festival in Paris, as well as draw praise from Nylon Magazine and Clash Magazine. Now Coastal Cities has released a double A-side single featuring “Entropic” backed with “Nothing Ever Changes”. “Entropic” is a summerly blast of jangle joy and has us eagerly awaiting whatever is next for this outfit.

by Imran Khan

4 Apr 2013

Ados, a rising hip-hop star from Turkey, released his first proper commercial album Katarsis at the tail-end of 2012. A conscious effort to infuse a sturdy framework of robust beats with layers of tuneful harmonies, Katarsis also sees the rapper digging his way up to the open air of the mainstream from the underground where he toiled away for years, cultivating his own brand of indie aggro-hip-hop. Ados specializes in a kind of delivery that has him striking a curious balance between singing and rapping, flipping back and forth between vocal registers and riding a cool calm between a nuanced emotional cadence and a threatening swell of raging dramatics with an assured ease. It’s a defining feature that sets him apart from his contemporaries in Turkey’s underground hip-hop scene.

by Geoff Nelson

7 Mar 2013

While flashing ode to the big tents under which James Blake, the xx and the Weekend have re-appropriated, and in some cases bastardized, the weird R&B fever that took hold in 2011, Aquilo show more interest in a cloud-clearing chorus on lead demo, “Calling Me”. It is bifurcated to be sure, verses at one timbre and refrain at another, but the design is an intentional dualism: at once elegant and memorable.

Reprinted with permission from 32ft/second.

by PopMatters Staff

22 Jan 2013

London’s Qtier makes gentle, contemplative music perfect for snowed in winter interiors or lush and long summer days. Laced with mellow electronics and ethereal vocals, Qtier’s music is beginning to make waves in the UK with The Fly calling their work “an extraordinarily rich debut”.

by Geoff Nelson

8 Jan 2013

If everything breaks right for China Rats in the next few months, they will be 2013’s answer to the Vaccines 2011 campaign. The Leeds band channels more Ramones pop-brut than the Vaccines ever did, but the insistent drums and shout-along refrains are the common thread. “To Be Like I” is a revolving door rock song, spinning and spinning in place, joyfully centered on the title lyric. The band will play SXSW in a few months time, and have a coming single to back “To Be Like I” and the band’s other recent raucous single, “N.O.M.O.N.E.Y.” With a big following in the UK, in the ever-evolving American “now”, China Rats are in the pregnant moment before things either happen or don’t, like “To Be Like I”, full of potential, brash and uncertainty.

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