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by Jonathan Frahm

16 Aug 2017

Telling an earnest story amidst deceptively simple instrumentation, Tom Irwin‘s reflective, plaintive vocals on “If She Will” seals the deal on this melding of old-school country sentiment and new age Americana delivery.

Though it’s one of the first from off of his debut LP, All That Love, Irwin is actually an accomplished player in the sprawling, ever-growing alt-country scene. It shows in the bills he’s shared with the likes of Willie Nelson, Ryan Adams, and Chuck Prophet, to name a few. Better yet, though, Irwin is finally showing his songwriting and performance chops on studio cuts all his own, and the end result has been a strong contender for widespread recognition in the Americana world.

by Jonathan Frahm

15 Aug 2017

Comprised of vocalist Anna Toy and keyboardist Andy Toy, Moxi is a Los Angeles duo producing lilting electronic music centered around brooding, textural layers of composition, as well as ethereal vocal performances and melodies.

by Sarah Zupko

11 Aug 2017

Photo: Demi Demitro (Bloodshot)

For their third record, Boy in a Well , Denver’s the Yawpers crafted a concept album set in France just after World War I about a young mother abandoning her newborn child. It’s an emotionally rich album full of plot that comes with an illustrated comic book illustrated by J.D. Wilkes of the Legendary Shack Shakers that details every twist in the story. Chock full of rocking blues, a bit of psychobilly, and garage rock underpinned with Americana aesthetics, Boy in a Well releasing August 18th via Bloodshot Records, is a huge step forward for the band.

by Jonathan Frahm

11 Aug 2017

Kids and Chemicals combine the cerebral workings of electronic soundscapes with an unbridled affection for anthemic rock ‘n’ roll on their latest LP, After Life.

Expanding from a sibling duo into a four piece electro-rock quintet over the years, the Springfield-based artists’ ambitious latest project is centered around the concept of a drug-addled lover who considers going to quite literal otherworldly lengths to see his partner again. Aurally, the album invokes a medley of influences ranging from gritty rock, to modern and retro electronic callbacks, and even an acoustic-centric pop strummer to top things off.

by Sarah Zupko

10 Aug 2017

Photo: Joanna Chattman

Americana music artist Eilen Jewell has a deep love of musical history, so much so that the Signature Sounds label head called her a musicologist. That’s a good thing to be when your stock in trade is a broad range of American roots music. Knowing where different musical forms come from and understanding the traditions, makes for a better artist every time. And Eilen Jewell is indeed a real artist.

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