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by Jonathan Frahm

1 Jun 2017

Photo: David Greenwald

In the same vein as the indie hit-makers who’ve broken into the mainstream like Dispatch, Cedar Teeth is an up-and-coming band chockful of vibrant multi-instrumentalists and performers who dare to soar. On their latest, Farewell to Green Mountain, the collective is more inventive than ever, invoking influences that deftly jump between rollicking folk and anthem-filling rock riffs and choruses. They’re glued together as a compelling musical outlet by the gritty, lilting vocals of grunge-influenced frontman Dylan Martell, who has this to say about the EP:

by Jedd Beaudoin

1 Jun 2017

Freddie Nelson’s solo debut Shake the Cage will see the light of day on 7 July, and we are premiering the official video for the track “Hey Doll” today.

Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Nelson teamed up with Mr. Big’s Paul Gilbert in 2010 for the United States record and Nelson contributed to Gilbert’s 2016 effort I Can Destroy. For his record, Nelson opted to make an album that shined the spotlight on his talents as a writer, arranger, producer and multi-instrumentalist. Relying on only one outside player, drummer Thomas Lang (Robert Fripp, Tina Turner), Nelson delivers a collection of songs that display incredible emotional range and depth.

by Sarah Zupko

31 May 2017

Denmark’s Sleep Party People is the musical project of one Brian Batz who creates a dreamy type of pop blended with a bit of ambient and shoegaze. The result is mesmerizing and otherworldly with fragile, measured melodies where only the essentials are in place. There’s no extraneous fluff to Sleep Party People’s dream pop as every note and phrase serve its purpose.

by Adriane Pontecorvo

30 May 2017

Oakland-based group Bang Data gets the summer started right with “Galáctica”, a rocket-fueled mix of dancehall rhythms, driving Latin surf rock, and melancholy lyrics. As producer Juan Manuel Caipo explains, “Galáctica is this girl, completely out of this world in every way, who is somewhat of a wild card. At the same time, she’s kind of breaking our heart.”

Under the moniker Bang Data, Caipo and vocalist Deuce Eclipse (joined live by guitarist Michael Cavaseno) have made a distinctive splash across many forms of media with their genre-bending style. The group’s songs have been featured on everything from Lucha Underground to Breaking Bad, and star-studded 2014 album Mucho Poco featured Chico Trujillo, Hector Guerra, and members of Santana and Ozomatli. “Galáctica” shows this fusion at its most organic, as steel drums and handclaps weave tightly through layers of sharp guitar. Deuce Eclipse’s voice, meanwhile, soars straight into outer space with undeniable pathos.

by Sarah Zupko

25 May 2017

Photo: Jesska Cvijanovic (214 Photography)

Electronic producer Mux Mool is fascinated by the sounds of classic arcade games as well as abstraction and experimentation. He grew up in Minnesota endlessly absorbed by an inexpensive little sampling keyboard, amazed by how changed when you lower an octave. Mux Mool used that tool and many more keyboards after it to keep chasing the sounds he wanted to create. After a couple of releases through Ghostly International, Mux Mool released his 2016 album Implied Lines via Bandcamp, but now he’s re-releasing the record via Young Heavy Souls and adding two tracks, including “Starfighter Courage” that we are premiering today.

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