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by Brice Ezell

16 Feb 2015

T.O.N.E-z has already paved a unique for himself as a musician as a member of the Gangstagrass collective, where he helped write the theme song for FX’s Elmore Leonard drama Justified, “Long Hard Times to Come”. For his latest project, he’s teamed up with the Los Angeles producer Rorschack, resulting in the forthcoming album Handcuffs. Below you can watch the debut video from the LP, “Bar Tab”, which marries T.O.N.E-z’s rapping to instrumentation and production that more than tips its cap to the ever-popular EDM genre.

by Brice Ezell

13 Feb 2015

Axe-slinger Richie Kotzen has made quite a career for himself. Cannibals, released in January, marks his 20th solo LP, which comes in addition to his stints with groups like Poison, Mr. Big, and most recently the Winery Dogs (the supergroup of him, ex-Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy, and bass master Billy Sheehan). Kotzen’s latest music video, for the upbeat Cannibals track “In an Instant”, makes it clear why he keeps doing what he does: from the look of things, he hasn’t lost an ounce of energy as a musician. With its smooth guitar solo and buoyant backing vocals, “In an Instant” is a reaffirmation of Kotzen’s talent, and a fine gateway into his music for those who don’t already know him.

by Brice Ezell

13 Feb 2015

With its layered, reverb-drenched vocals and measured building of tension, “Salome” shows singer/songwriter Angelica Allen, aka My Midnight Heart, to have a visual mind when it comes to the construction of her music. As it turns out, these images aren’t merely conjured up in the mind of the listener; as the video collages she compiles for her songs attest, she is an artist with a keen eye (and ear) for pairing her tunes to arresting visuals that enhance the music they back. Such is the case for the video collage to “Drown”, which recently went up at Entertainment Weekly. What is arguably the best videographic realization of her music, however, is the murky and intoxicating collage for the track “Salome”, which you can view below. As the name My Midnight Heart attests, this is a visual experience best viewed in the evening’s wee small hours.

by Brice Ezell

12 Feb 2015

Argentinian producer and musician Panda Elliot—described as three in one, “woman, band, and producer”—dropped her sophomore LP, Forastera, in the fall of 2014. Not but a few months later, she has gotten someone to remix the album cut “Guerrero”, the follow-up to lead single ‘Ligerita’. The original tune’s energy is potent enough on its own; in the hands of _AlexPatri_, the danceability is boosted considerably, with laser-sharp synths making this remix right for the club.

by Cole Waterman

11 Feb 2015

Airy synths and evocative, tumbling beats float up effervescently in the suitably titled “Air Balloons”, the new single borne of the collaboration between producer Eddie Logix and singer/songwriter Britney Stoney. Dream poppy with a spaciousness that spreads as the tune goes on, “Air Balloons” is rife with seduction. Layers of intricate bleeps, vocal inflections, and swirling melodies serve as the bed upon which Stoney’s sultry voice rises up, singing the moving query of “Do you feel me now?” amidst the dusky atmosphere.

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