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by Justin Cober-Lake

2 Jun 2016

Photo: Nixxi Blanck

Six years ago, Leland SundriesThe Apothecary EP came as a smart folk-rock album, well into the country side of alt-country. Now, after plenty of time traveling, observing, and playing, the band is back with a fully-formed, genre-defying sound on Music for Outcasts. The country hasn’t gone (see traditional heartbreaker “Keys in the Boot”), but now it’s run through so many filters that the band, led by songwriter Nick Loss-Eaton, has become something else altogether. The influences seem to stem less from Son Volt than from Pavement, but tracks like “Studebaker” have the melodic sensibilities of the Go-Betweens. The album maintains a cohesive feel even as it moves through different sounds, letting Loss-Eaton’s stories and character studies build into a memorable debut.

by Sarah Zupko

27 May 2016

Photo: Jim Mcguire

Texas singer-songwriters Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen have achieved a great deal of solo success over their long careers, but they’ve really found their voices by working together. For years they’ve toured together and only last year released their debut album, Hold My Beer, which received high marks in the music press. Given that their best work together has been their live performances, the duo is about to release Watch This on June 3rd via their label Lil’ Buddy Toons.

by PopMatters Staff

25 May 2016

Electronic duo Filastine is comprised of composer/director Grey Filastine and vocalist/designer Nova Ruth. On his many travels, Grey met Nova in Indonesia where she had been performing with a hip-hop group. Joining forces and basing themselves in Barcelona, Filastine specializes in a cinematic brand of electronic music that utilizes many global influences alongside found sounds, percussion, vocals, and acoustic instruments. The result is an irresistibly warm blend of the digital and the analogue that renders their music as meant for the mind as much as the feet. This year Filastine has been working on a series of four video singles, Abandon, representing dances of liberation and today we bring you the second video of the series, “The Cleaner”.

by Sarah Zupko

25 May 2016

Seattle’s Western Centuries keep the fire alight for real honest to goodness honky tonk country music. Dale Watson would be likely to say “that’s a real country song”. But the band’s members—Cahalen Morrison, Ethan Lawton, Jim Miller—come from vastly different musical backgrounds and all bring something unique to the table. Morrison comes from the Americana scene with a youth spent playing in New Mexico conjunto bands, while Lawton is a Seattle native who was devoted to punk and hip-hop before he fell head-over-heels in love with bluegrass. Meanwhile Miller was a heavy in the jamband world, founding the highly popular Donna the Buffalo. And they all meet to make first class authentic country music.

by PopMatters Staff

24 May 2016

Photo: Anya Roz

Hazmat Modine co-songwriter Wade Schuman sums up his band perfectly saying, “I think our band is like a really good NYC diner. The food comes from every tradition you can think of, but in the end it’s really the ultimate American comfort food.” Hazmat Modine’s membership includes musicians of various ages, races and backgrounds, a true melting pot, just like New York City, and their music draws from a host of American traditions including early jazz, the American popular songbook, blues, country, R&B, as well as a variety of world beats. It’s makes for exciting music that is always open to new influences and change. Hazmat Modine’s third album, Extra-Deluxe-Supreme, is meant as something of a document of their 10-year history and their adventures traveling the world, absorbing new influences and spreading American roots musics far and wide.

Hazmat Modine’s Extra-Deluxe-Supreme releases June 3rd via Barbès Records and today we are bringing you the video for the band’s new single, “Moving Stones”.

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