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by PopMatters Staff

26 Jan 2016

Canadian indie rockers Paper Lions have been on a hot streak of late. Last year the band’s 2007 video for “Travelling” suddenly went massively viral and it has opened all kinds of doors for Paper Lions. They now stand poised for a huge mainstream breakthrough and they are most definitely ready as their new set of songs from Full Colour, releasing this April, is jam packed with arena-sized pop nuggets that could easily see some major chart success. Perfectly fittingly, Paper Lions titles their new single “Believer” and fills the tune with soaring harmonies declaring that they “want to believe”. So do we because we still need our pop heroes.

by Jedd Beaudoin

25 Jan 2016

Photo: Ester Segarra

Barcelona’s Obsidian Kingdom will release a new full-length album, A Year With No Summer, in March and has just issued the video “Black Swan” as a taste. And what a delicious bite it is. The group’s sound has never been easy to classify and this track is certainly no exception to that rule. Driven by a gently throbbing electronic pulse and atmospheric keyboards, the track is carried by an emotive vocal performance that places the track somewhere between Porcupine Tree and Radiohead with dashes of more traditional progressive rock swirling in the mix as well.

by PopMatters Staff

25 Jan 2016

Photo: Julia Schill

Broken Social Scene’s Lisa Lobsinger teams up with two other well-known Canadian indie rock musicians—Paul Pfisterer (The Beauties) and Marty Kinack (Transistor Sound & Light Co)—to form the dream-poppy Laser. This is Lobsinger’s first recorded solo work outside of Broken Social Scene and she very much has her own sound, veering off in a dreamy direction with tunes that feel completely organic, but are washed with gentle synths and languid beats. It’s a journey of the mind through late night city spaces, deep forested landscapes and wide open plains.

by Andrew Gilstrap

22 Jan 2016

PURSES is comprised of Drew Beskin (District Attorneys, Party Dolls), Phillip Brantley (Modern Skirts), Mckendrick Bearden (Grand Vapids), Hunter Morris (Blue Blood, Gift Horse), Jeremy Wheatley (Crooked Fingers, Ruby the Rabbitfoot) and Frank Keith IV (Tedo Stone, The District Attorneys, Party Dolls, Ruby the Rabbitfoot).  If you’ve been lucky enough to hear some of the new sounds emerging from the state of Georgia these days, from those bands in particular, you know that PURSES represents something of an Athens-area supergroup.

by PopMatters Staff

20 Jan 2016

Resonance Records is releasing two sublime Stan Getz recordings on February 19th, Getz/Gilberto ’76, featuring never before released live sessions from Getz and João Gilberto from a series of shows in San Francisco on May 11-16, 1976, and Moments in Time, which includes recordings from the same time period of Getz’s band playing live at the Keystone Korner the same week as Getz/Gilberto ’76.

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