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by Evan Sawdey

4 May 2016

Photo: Josh Wool

At the end of last year, the Princeton-founded, Evan Younger-fronted Miracles of Modern Science pulled off yet another miracle that was all their own making: their second full-length proper, Mean Dreams, landed on PopMatters’ own list for The Best Pop Albums of 2015.

by PopMatters Staff

3 May 2016

Photo: Gavin Peters

Kansas trio Moreland & Arbuckle plays a smokin’ bluesy brand of roots rock that’s so hot it could burn the house down. Harmonica lines intertwine between gloriously visceral guitar lead parts and everything is underpinned by a heavy rocking beat. This stellar band has a new album on tap releasing on May 6th, Promised Land Or Bust, their first for influential Chicago blues label Alligator Records. “Mean and Evil”, the record’s first single, will have you chasing down this release, which Dustin Arbuckle says is their best yet. Moreland & Arbuckle bring it on every album, but Promised Land Or Bust does indeed up the ante for one of America’s finest blues groups.

by Cole Waterman

28 Apr 2016

Genre blending is the modus operandi for multi-instrumentalist and producer Kyle Norton, based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. “I Feel Like I’m on Fire”, the lead track of his debut EP under new moniker Norty, is testament to that. With a electronic bedrock, it opens with an anachronistic jazz lounge bassline, piano notes, and brushed drums. The atmosphere is thick and swirls like curlicues of smoke as tempos shift, Norty’s relaxed vocals and hip hop beats join the sound collage.

by Eric Risch

28 Apr 2016

With Gothic repose, North Carolina singer/songwriter Jeremy Squires intones, “Sending arrows straight / Balance targets on my head / Solitary space / For you I would change”, on “Carry You”, the opening song from his latest album, Shadows.

by PopMatters Staff

26 Apr 2016

Austin’s funky duo of Anthony Farrell and Andrew Trube—aka Greyhounds—have their sophomore album Change of Pace releasing this Friday. The group’s psychedelic soul is a potent and eclectic mix. The cultural and political battlegrounds of America are very much the central preoccupation of this new record. Farrell says, “There’s this polarization of American culture where you’re either on our side or you’re against us, and I don’t think that really helps anybody.”

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