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by Brice Ezell

5 Mar 2015

With their latest song “Outta My Mind”, the Virginia rock ‘n’ roll band called People’s Blues of Richmond bring to mind two recent rock LPs in particular, both by the same artist: the Black Keys. The first is 2014’s Turn Blue; the psychedelic washes of “Outta My Mind” align quite closely with the ‘60s psych mood of that album. Most of all, however, it brings to mind the megahit record Brothers, with its retro-minded production and songwriting.

As it turns out, these parallels are not merely by coincidence. In recording “Outta My Mind”, People’s Blues of Richmond sought out producer Mark Neill, who co-produced Brothers alongside the Black Keys and Danger Mouse.

by Brice Ezell

4 Mar 2015

For the past six weeks, PopMatters has debuted video track-by-track breakdowns of the music of the Rua, an all-sibling trio comprised of 22-year old Roseanna Brown (voice and guitar), 24-year old Alanna Brown (piano and backing vocals) and 19-year old Jonathan Brown (violin, guitar, vocals and backing vocals). With their emotive and often epic brand of pop, the Rua have already made a splash in their native United Kingdom with their debut LP Essence. In just two short weeks, that record will make its way stateside.

In this final look behind the scenes of Essence, the trio explains a bit about the song “I’m OK”, an appropriately upbeat and forward-looking way to end this exclusive look at the music of Essence.

by Brice Ezell

4 Mar 2015

The ‘90s indie vibe is strong with the Demigs, a rock group that hails from Denton, Texas. This vibe is quite apparent on the tune “Melamine”, a clean guitar-driven number off of their forthcoming double LP, the 20-song Welcome to Hard Times. With sonic corollaries that include ones atypical to the indie realm, namely the New Zealand-based “kiwi rock” of groups like the Clean and the 3-Ds, the Demigs have a distinctive sound that’s matched by their political savvy. In addition to the issues tackled by “Melamine” specifically (read more on that below), the quartet has also taken a stance against fracking in their native Texas.

by Cole Waterman

4 Mar 2015

To whet appetites for the national tour they’re embarking on, four rap acts have amalgamated their sounds for a new tune. “Super Megatron Bomb (waiting for ‘em)” is the collaboration between Detroit’s hip-hop duo Passalacqua and Baltimore rappers Height Keech, PT Burnem, and Eze Jackson.

The song was borne as a warm-up for the rhyme-slingers’ two-month long tour. It was produced by Mickey Free, who also mixed it with Eddie Logix.

by Brice Ezell

3 Mar 2015

Enigmatic lyrics, reverb-drenched vocals, and an overall cryptic mood make up the newest album by the St. Louis rock group CaveofswordS, Sigils. (On their website, CaveofswordS is described as “dubwave”.) The band latticeworks layers of psychedelic haze and synth-led soundscapes into a brooding collage that emits intrigue all throughout these ten tunes.

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