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by Sarah Zupko

16 May 2016

Photo: Kent Geib

Ruby Friedman came up with an intriguing concept for her new album Gem: “What would it sound like if a band from 200 years in the future wanted to do music from the 20th century? What would that sound like? So that’s what it sounds like: It’s an orchestra from the future, doing the past.” The 20th century sound she represents is roots rock, bluesy soul, which suits her deep, textured, rich voice to a tee. Friedman really is one hell of a frontwoman, with a completely unique and transfixing voice laden with passion. Meanwhile, her band storms through a song like “I’m Not Your Friend” with monster riffs and exciting guitar lines that totally make Gem a necessary addition to your music collection.

by Eric Risch

13 May 2016

Describing his new single, “These American Blues”, Oklahoma singer/songwriter Levi Parham admits the song is a play on words: “It came about one day while talking with my dad. He had just gotten a smart phone and had proclaimed to me that ‘there weren’t nothin’ left to find out’. I laughed so hard at that, but there was truth to it. Half the fun of dreaming is searching the whole thing out, figuring out what your dream is and how you get there. I know nothing about cars, but from one YouTube video I could take the whole engine apart and put it back together. I didn’t earn that knowledge. I didn’t spend my high school nights in the garage trying to figure that stuff out. There’s something lost there, and that’s where ‘These American Blues’ came from.”

by PopMatters Staff

12 May 2016

Photo: Cyrille Choupas

Cellist Gaspar Claus and his father, the renowned flamenco guitarist Pedro Soler, have teamed up for their second album of stunningly gorgeous flamenco music. Al viento pushes flamenco forward with its adventurous spirit and virtuostic musicianship. The early work on the album began in Iceland, which lends its mood to the pieces by infusing a sense of space and wonder and finished in warm colored environment of Spain. “Cuerdas Al Viento” showcases these aesthetics.

The artists tell PopMatters that “originally, this track is from Malaga (in Andalousia) and more specifically from the ‘fandangos de levante’ genre. Traditionally, this isn’t a style of music composed for people to dance to, which in turn gives the guitar and vocals more freedom in the genre. It later became lengthened by ‘Verdiales’, traditional rhythmic flamenco aimed at celebrating the harvest of “Verdiale” Olives in the countryside.”

by PopMatters Staff

9 May 2016

Seattle singer-songwriter David Nyro writes bravely about matters of the heart in masterfully constructed and composed songs. In fact, he’s a creator at heart, so much so that he will turn the singing of a song over to another performer if they suit the song ideally. For his latest tune, “Violence of the Heart”, Nyro brought on fellow Seattle singer-songwriter Katie Kuffel to sing this heart-rending tale of emotional violence in relationships. Kuffel offers up just the right amount of pathos and feeling to carry the song amidst gorgeous strings and piano-led music. The song is both sensitive and anthemic at the same time and it will appear on Nyro’s upcoming album later this year.

by PopMatters Staff

6 May 2016

Photo: Lisa Macintosh

Love the Alabama Shakes and Brittany Howard? Then get ready to adore Terra Lightfoot, a roots rocker with a powerful voice and a badass Gibson SG that she plays with consummate ease. Yep, she could be your new rock ‘n’ roll hero. Drawing from rock, soul and blues, Lightfoot is a monster talent that will be gracing the world’s largest festival stages in no time. “Never Will” is the latest single from her recent album Every Time My Mind Runs Wild that released in April via Sonic Unyon and we’ve got the video premiere for you today.

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