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by PopMatters Staff

8 Sep 2016

Photo: Jody Domingue

Co-founder of celebrated Americana band Sons of Fathers, Paul Cauthen left the group three years ago to focus on finding his true voice and building a solo career. Digging deep into the gospel music of his Texas youth, Cauthen‘s lead track from his new album, “My Gospel”, is a rousing statement of purpose that preaches of the need for love and the spiritual in this life, whatever form that might take. Cauthen’s voice on this track echoes a bit of Elvis with its deep tones, heavy vibrato and ability to move the listener. He connects right away with you, like Elvis, his voice rising to the heavens like it could move mountains.

by PopMatters Staff

8 Sep 2016

Britain’s Wendy Bevan is a wide-ranging artist with multi-disciplinary interests across culture. As much a performance artist and visual artist as she is a musician, Bevan commands attention with her theatrical style and enigmatic music that conjures mini movies in the listener’s head. She’s performed at London’s ICA and the Hackney Empire, as well as having her work incorporated into several film soundtracks. Now this modern day Renaissance woman is about to release her debut album, Rose & Thorn, tomorrow and you can preview it here. Bevan’s sound is built around drum machines, synthesizers and strings from the Balanescu Quartet and it verges between dark wave and cold wave.

by Jedd Beaudoin

8 Sep 2016

Tommy ’86 will release Transhumanism on October 28 via Blood Music, though a taste from the record, “L.V.T.H.N. Central Unit” is available now. Heavily influenced by the synthesized sounds of the 1980s, the French musician has been active since 2011. Creating records with pulsing, Euro disco sounds and a sense of adventure and humor, TOMMY ’86 calls to mind the recent work of John Carpenter, and, at times, Zombi.

by Brice Ezell

7 Sep 2016

If Balthazar’s singer and multi-instrumentalist Maarten Devoldere is hoping to make a big splash with his debut record as Warhaus, he’s done so already on the basis of its title alone: We Fucked a Flame into Being, which comes from D.L. Lawrence’s famous erotic novel Lady Chatterly’s Lover. Though the album’s title takes from English literature, Warhaus’ music is of a decidedly American-European feel, particularly in its noir influences. The first five tracks on We Fucked a Flame into Being exude cigarette smoke, aromas of whiskey, and a palpable sense of intrigue. One can easily place Warhaus in the storied legacy of Dashiell Hammett and Jean-Pierre Melville: all purveyors in shadow-drenched art.

by PopMatters Staff

1 Sep 2016

Photo: Peter Graham

As we said back in February about this incredible group, “Northern Ireland’s the Bonnevilles are steeped in the blues and they enliven and amp up their sound by playing as a duo with Andrew McGibbon Jr. on vocals and guitar and Chris McMullan on drums. It’s a formation that has paid off in spades for both the White Stripes and the Black Keys and the Bonnevilles carry on that tradition of stripped down, blues rock run through with headbanging punk energy.”

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