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by PopMatters Staff

24 Mar 2016

One-man Americana band Lincoln Durham sings and plays a mixed up gumbo of Southern roots music genres that crackle and pop with passion and intensity. Durham describes what he does as a “Southern-Gothic-Punk-Gospel-Revival One-Man-Band” and that pretty much hits the nail on the head. He plays all manner of vintage guitars, banjos, fiddles, homemade percussion, and whatever random objects add the sounds he wants. On Durham’s new album, Revelations of a Mind Unraveling, releasing tomorrow, he works on exorcizing his demons while melding old-time blues to punk with hard-charging energy and conviction. Durham says that “Revelations of a Mind Unraveling was birthed in a dark and tumultuous corner of my mind. These songs are my therapy. This album is my ammunition against the internal demons.”

by PopMatters Staff

22 Mar 2016

Twenty-three-year-old jazz saxophonist and singer Grace Kelly has been playing professionally since her teens, releasing her first album at 12 and moving from success to success. She also often plays with Jon Batiste’s Stay Human on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and has been prominent on the festival scene for years. Recently, she teamed up with Amazon’s Bosch TV show to create some music inspired by the show’s lead character, “Blues for Harry Bosch”. It’s a great match as Kelly’s slinky sax lines backed up with gentle grooves and late night ennui conjures the mood and textures of a nighttime of cocktails and possible intrigue, while it also deliciously blurs the lines between jazz and soul.

by PopMatters Staff

21 Mar 2016

Minneapolis indie rocker Mark Mallman has had a long and fruitful career for the past 20 years, keeping Midwest indie rock alive and thriving. For those who declare rock ‘n’ roll dead, Mallman convinces that rock can still give us something to believe in. Lead track “Hologram Jesus” makes that point right from the get-go as Mallman pleads that he’s desperate to feel something real. In his case it’s music and we leave convinced that music can be both a balm and a healing force.

by Eric Risch

21 Mar 2016

More immediate and with less mess than the fateful prom detailed in Stephen King’s Carrie, Nashville band Coyotes in Boxes’ “Vaporize” features an unsuspecting tuxedoed male at the stroke of midnight on their latest single. A coarse mix of doo-wop and feedback, Coyotes singer/guitarist Steven Holland describes “Vaporize” as the standard “boy-meets-girl scenario”, one in which “boy invites girl to this year’s end-of-the-world themed prom only for boy to be sacrificed by girl’s cult devotees to raise the Old Ones. You know, what every teenager deals with these days.”

Featuring guitarist Sean Dunn of Athens, Georgia’s Five-Eight, “Vaporize” will be released as a digital single and limited-edition cassette, both including b-side “Good Kitten”, on March 25 via Twin Cousins Records.

by PopMatters Staff

21 Mar 2016

Photo: Mark Austin Heim (Maximum Flavor Media)

Since 2005, influential rapper Lyrics Born has been releasing a series of Variety Show sets. Similar to a mixtape in that these “shows” bring in a bunch of guests and feature a generally looser form than a label release, Lyrics Born‘s sets originally went out on CD, but switched to Internet distribution after the fourth season in 2009. However, unlike many mixtapes, Lyrics Born conceives these sets as shows and there’s an amazing flow from song to song, rather like a really well-produced radio show. Season 7 The Series Finale is now here and it features many highlights from previous seasons as well as a bunch of new exclusive Lyrics Born tunes. This is classic rap that’s completely irresistible.

Sadly, this is indeed the last season for the “program”, but fortunately Lyrics Born has a rich catalogue to enjoy and he has a new career retrospective, Now Look What You’ve Done, Lyrics Born! Greatest Hits, releasing April 15th that celebrates his 25 years in hip-hop. Lyrics Born says that “it’s time to close old doors and open new ones”

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