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by John Garratt

4 Feb 2016

On Friday, February 5, NNA Tapes will release Secret Meeting, the first collaboration between saxophonist Travis Laplante and trumpeter Peter Evans. And as far as collaborations go, it is a pure one. Both are playing from the hip, running back and forth between peaceful pedal tones and lightening-fast skronk. Stylistically falling somewhere between Laplante’s avant-garde super group Little Women and his breathy side-project Battle Trance, Secret Meeting is a sprawling album celebrating “an umbilical cord-like connection” between the two musicians.

by PopMatters Staff

2 Feb 2016

Florida’s the Currys prove that the most powerful musical harmonies often come from groups of family members, rather like the Avett Brothers and Jamestown Revival. Jimmy and Tommy Curry and cousin Galen Curry are the heart of the indie folk group with their tight as a rubber band, three-part harmonies. Emerging from the oyster bars and restaurants of the Florida Gulf Coast, the band recently headlined the Florida Folk Fest and have developed enough of a strong following that they were able to crowdfund their sophomore album West of Here, releasing in March. “If I Find It” is the first single from that upcoming release and it’s an infectious tune to say the least. We hope to see them at the Americana Festival in Nashville this fall.

by PopMatters Staff

2 Feb 2016

San Francisco’s Panic Is Perfect are a pure pop band who pen super memorable hooks and create intricate layers of carefully composed music. Band member Mike Hoffman says, “We have a lot of multilayered arrangements in our songs, and almost everything we write features big hooks. Everything is catchy, but it’s also complex. The songs are approachable and memorable at the same time.” That’s the approach that leads to pop songs that last and stand the test of time. Panic Is Perfect is a pretty new group, with just a 2015 EP behind them, and so it’s pretty remarkable that their sound is already so fully formed. The group’s debut album, Cellspace, releases this Friday and look for big things from these guys as their songs are irresistible.

by PopMatters Staff

2 Feb 2016

Hailing from the chilly climes of Windsor, Ontario, the Blue Stones turn the tables on their environment by playing the hottest kind of rock. Playing as a duo gives their blues rock sound lots of punch, rather like the White Stripes in that sense. The Blues Stones’ 2012 album, How’s That Sound?, charted on Bandcamp’s best-selling list and that combined with buzzed about live shows, puts the group on a path to success for their latest album, Black Holes, which releases this April. Today we are sharing the first single for that upcoming album, charging hard rock number “The Hard Part”.

by Eric Risch

29 Jan 2016

With his band Glossary on hiatus, Tennessee’s Joey Kneiser released his third solo album in November 2015. Calling The Wildness “a love letter to rock and roll”, Kneiser’s influences show, ranging from Bruce Springsteen and the Band to Neil Young and Bob Dylan.

Stripping back Glossary’s soul-laden sound on the folkish “Heaving Only Wants Us Once We’re Dead”, Kneiser describes the song’s genesis: “First off, I’m not a very political person, but this song is more like a letter to my young biracial nephews – as boys who will grow up as a minority in America, I wanted to give them a song that belongs to them.”

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