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by Jordan Blum

10 Mar 2016

With its 2014 debut LP, The Fall, “dark, alternative, new-wave duo [sic]” Se Delan (English multi-instrumentalist Justin Greaves and Swedish singer Belinda Kordic) proved itself as one of the most distinctive and auspicious new acts on Kscope. Brimming with ghostly vocals, gritty atmospheres, and a gregarious balance of chaotic density and moody sparsity, the collection was a haunting opus that left fans eager for a studio follow-up. Fortunately, the twosome’s sophomore effort, Drifter, will be arriving on April 29th, and to assuage the wait a bit, they’ve just issued the first single from the record, “Going Home”.

by PopMatters Staff

10 Mar 2016

As the warmth of spring nudges winter in it’s side, in turn the heat is rising from the Quantic studio, Sound Workshop. The new song “Curuba” has us hanging up our snow shoes and folding umbrellas for a return to swampy dance nights in empty swimming pools with luminescent cocktails. Pulsing arpeggios weave with sultry drifting banjos, the crimson horizon is just in the distance; and even knowing our winter may return, this is a welcome tropical intermission—snap it up now. This track is exclusive to Quantic’s tour 45.

by Jedd Beaudoin

10 Mar 2016

“Saudade” is a new track from the upcoming release by Norwegian multi-instrumentalist Sylvaine, Wistful. Filled with touches of shoegaze and dark ambience, there is an undeniably meditative melodicism at work in this slowly unfolding piece. With haunting guitar figures that are reminiscent of haunting ‘60s soundtrack music and at times the more introspective moments of the Cure, “Saudade” is about internal conflict, dark emotions and the comfort one can find in the most melancholic sounds.

by PopMatters Staff

9 Mar 2016

Photo: Alexis Ellers

The combination of alt-country and punk is one of the most fruitful forms of musical cross-pollination, especially when it comes to protest and socially-conscious music designed for the everyman. Al Scorch is a perfect case in point, a punk rock banjo player that draws inspiration from and utilizes a wide range of roots music forms, underpinned with a punk sensibility and rocking beats. Scorch’s music possesses blistering energy, smart and insightful lyrics drawing from traditional American string band music, European and American folk, including klezmer, and, of course, the aforementioned punk. If this all sounds great, I can tell you it truly is and the track below will have you eagerly awaiting Al Scorch’s Bloodshot Records debut album, Circle Round the Signs, releasing May 13th and available for pre-order now.

by PopMatters Staff

7 Mar 2016

Soul Inscribed is a super funky New York City band that blends hip-hop and soul with jazzy beats and a bit of dub for good measure. In other words, they bring the funk. Their self-titled album, which released in early February, is a soulful stew of grooves and beats with a positive message that you’ll want to play over and over again. “Dream State” in its original form is a reggae-based, hip-hop tune. In this Dan West premiere we are sharing today, West turns the reggae towards electronic and brings out more of the soulful aspects of the tune, as it adds a myriad of blips and beeps, but keeps the emcee the central figure in the song.

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