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by Brice Ezell

19 May 2015

Photo: Bloodshot staff, the Yawpers, and band members’ families

In describing their new signees the Yawpers, Bloodshot uses the term “shitstarters” to describe the Denver band. When you read the label’s reasons for taking the Yawpers on, the only thing you’ll wonder is why it took so long for this brilliant match to come together.

by Brice Ezell

18 May 2015

In 2013, Jobs, a biopic about the life of the late Apple CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs, was released to little fanfare. Starring Ashton Kutcher as the titular figure, the film received a mostly mixed response, from both critics and the higher-ups at Apple. Bill Fernandez, one of the early employees of Apple, called it “the biggest, flashiest piece of fan fiction that there’s been to date.”

Two years have passed since then, and clearly Jobs’ story is still compelling to many filmmakers, as director Danny Boyle (Trainspotting, Slumdog Millionare) and Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing and Academy Award-winning writer for The Social Network) have prepared their own spin on the life of Jobs. Their film, entitled Steve Jobs, is “set backstage at three iconic product launches” and concludes “in 1998 with the unveiling of the iMac”, according to Universal Films’ official statement.

by Brice Ezell

18 May 2015

“In general, I’m a nostalgic person,” singer/songwriter Josh Gilligan says in relation to his new record Steady On. However, he qualifies this by also suggesting, “I don’t think retrospective behavior is completely healthy.”

From its homey sleeve art to its gentle, acoustic guitar-led songwriting, Steady On is the kind of album one could mistake for a nostalgia-worshipping hipster who’s imbibed one kombucha too many. The songs he writes, however, paint a different picture: a picture of someone who has taken in and has a deep respect for old-fashioned songwriting. Steady On may be a nostalgic affair, but it’s not nauseatingly so; it’s the sound of how to look into the past without worshipping at its altar, all the while bringing in a new perspective.

by Evan Sawdey and Brice Ezell

18 May 2015

Face/Off (1997, dir. John Woo)

Theoretically, if a work of art is bad, we will view or listen to it only once and never return to it again; after all, if it is truly bad, why would anyone want to spend additional time with it? Yet dozens of films fall under the umbrella of “so-bad-it’s-good”, where a film’s badness becomes the very reason why we enjoy it. From the terrible direction, performances, and editing of Tommy Wiseau’s The Room to the apocalyptic nonsense of Southland Tales, so-bad-it’s-good cinema offers moviegoers the chance to have fun at the expense of itself.

by Brice Ezell

15 May 2015

Photo: Susan Leach

With the compilation LP Bocce & Bourbon: The Comfortable Songs of Chandler Travis & David Greenberger, the two eponymous songwriters look back at a life’s legacy of making music, both together and with their many side projects. Travis alone has an almost impossible amount of bands he’s involved in addition to his solo career, including the Chandler Travis Three-O, the Catbirds, the Chandler Travis Philharmonic, and the Incredible Casuals, in addition to his work with Rabbit Rabbit. Featuring seven previously unreleased songs, one radical rearrangement, and 11 tunes that span the breadth of the aformentioned Travis projects, Bocce & Bourbon is a vivid catalogue of two impressively storied careers in music.

Below you can stream “Air, Running Backwards”, a tune by Travis’ the Chandler Travis Three-O, which received a special new version for this compilation.

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