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by Comfort Clinton

7 Mar 2012

Shawn Foree has come a long way from recording albums in his bedroom. A graduate of the University of Arizona with a degree in American Literature, Foree at one point took out college loans to buy studio equipment so he could pursue his musical project, Digital Leather. As Digital Leather, Foree has become a well-received artist that not only tours internationally, but also has produced albums with labels like Tic Tac Totally, Shattered Records, and FDH Records. As a one-man band, Foree uses drum machines, keyboards and vocals to create a sound that echoes ‘70s and ‘80s synthpunk.

by Comfort Clinton

6 Mar 2012

There once was a pair of twins named Mary Kate and Ashley. Need I say more? Well, apparently so, because, while the Olsen twins have become a household name, and now sit at the throne of a multi-billion dollar empire, their younger, more talented (there, I said it) sister, is still emerging from obscurity into the spotlight. Elizabeth Olsen, 23, who appeared in several of her sister’s TV movies when she was young, made her big screen debut last year as the star of indie Sundance darling, Martha Marcy May Marlene. Her subtle and nuanced portrayal of a former cult member attempting to reconnect with the life she left behind won her positively rave reviews, and even generated serious buzz of an Oscar nomination. After such a star-making turn, the industry has been chomping at the bit for more from the stunning actress, eagerly awaiting her next project. Enter Silent House.

by Joseph Fisher

6 Mar 2012

Pitchfork has given a pretty good snapshot of how crazy the next few months of Bethany Cosentino’s life will be: a new Best Coast album, a North American tour, a UK tour.  Titled The Only Place, the new Best Coast Record is set to be released on May 15. Get prepared for lots of songs about “you”.

by Cynthia Fuchs

6 Mar 2012

“Why are you doing a piece on Ron Galella?” asks Chuck Close It’s true that, on one level, Leon Gast’s excellent documentary takes paparazzo Ron Galella as its subject. But on so many other levels, it uses him as a way to ask more resonant questions—about celebrity and class, obsession and delusion, the blurred definitions of public and private. In the film, which screens 6 March at Stranger Than Fiction, followed by a Q&A with Leon Gast, Galella tells stories about himself. He’s providing a service, he’s making a living, he’s doing what he loves to do, he says. Galella himself may be most famous for the legal case brought against him by Jackie Kennedy: she argued that he harassed her children and she won. “Why did I have the obsession with Jackie?” Galella asks himself, for Gast’s camera. “I analyzed it: because I had no girlfriend and she was my girlfriend in a way.” As an analysis, this seems glib, but it may be perversely telling as well. But if you understand all such explanations as still more stories—about Gallela maybe, but more plausibly about the culture that produces him—then you might imagine he’s been told this story and now tells it back.

See PopMattersreview.

by Comfort Clinton

5 Mar 2012

Anathema began in Liverpool in 1990 as a death metal pioneer, their first label-released album was The Crestfallen EP. They’ve seen many changes in their members and even direction of their sound over the years, gradually trading their death metal for the alternative rock vibe they now feature. Anathema has produced over 11 records, their most recent effort, We’re Here Because We’re Here, which came out in 2010, is followed by Weather Systems, out April 24 through End Records. Producer Steven Wilson went so far as to describe We’re Here Because We’re Here as “definitely among the best albums I’ve had the pleasure to work on”.

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