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by Jedd Beaudoin

20 Oct 2011

He’s been called a renaissance man who writes cynical and amusing melodies, and he’s also been called Wesley—at least by his mum—and now we can add to that list (which is really much longer than space allows) affable video star. “Sing Your Own Song”, the lead single from his brand-new album The Sound of His Own Voice, features Harding chumming it up with comedian Eugene Mirman as they spoof Paul Simon’s classic “You Can Call Me Al” video (which featured comedian Chevy Chase, he being considerably taller than Mirman). All this arrived just in time for Simon’s 70th birthday on October 13 and can only be called pure coincidence.

by David Amidon

20 Oct 2011

I-Wayne is one of those classic reggae personalities that feels wise beyond his years no matter what his actual age is. To most, he’s simply the guy behind “Can’t Satisfy Her”, a song about prostitution and general sexual promiscuity among women who struggle to find meaning in life outside of their bed sheets. But, as is often the case with most one-hit wonders of the reggae world, Wayne is a much more talented, soulful person than most have found the time to understand. In promotion of his recently released third album, Life Teachings, VP Records offers up this video to shed some light on exactly what I-Wayne means to his home country of Jamaica.

For a deeper taste of I Wayne, follow the jump for links to “Can’t Satisfy Her” as well as selected cuts from Life Teachings and further background on the thinking behind his latest batch of recordings reminiscent of pioneers like Burning Spear.

by Brad Washington

20 Oct 2011

Last year in September Wale and Kid Cudi were embroiled in a beef that left the two close friends estranged for months. In Febuary of this year, the two squashed the beef and to show us that they are back, the Cudder jumps on the new single (“Focused”) for Wale’s upcoming album Ambition. Cudi is on the chorus, while Wale lays down the raps on this mid-tempo tune. I think a lot of people especially Cudi fans, would have enjoyed a rap verse by Cudder, but just the fact that these old friends and talented artists are collaborating makes the song worthwhile.

by Cynthia Fuchs

20 Oct 2011

Girls can do anything, right? Except that they’re still encouraged to see themselves as helpers, raised, represented, and expected to be wives and mothers rather than independent achievers. This is the primary argument made by Miss Representation. Jennifer Siebel Newsom’s documentary isn’t making a new or a very subtle argument, but it’s one—made emphatically—that makes the film a perfect fit for Oprah’s OWN Documentary Club. Media representations of girls and women as objects are actually increasing. The reasons are various, and include predictable fears and anxieties concerning potential shifts in power and money, and, the film submits, these representations influence how girls and boys think about the world and themselves. As Margaret Cho says plainly, “The media treats women like shit and it’s horrible and I don’t know how we survive it. I don’t know how we rise above it.”

by Joseph Fisher

19 Oct 2011

Well, that hole in my dreams has finally been filled. The Stone Roses are preparing to tour the world. All of the details are available on their website, including some cheeky press conference footage. Feel free to express your adoration for me, a humble PopMatters blogger, for bringing this earth-shattering news directly to you.

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