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by Comfort Clinton

16 Feb 2012

Baron Von Luxxury, known to friends as Blake Robin, is a man of many talents. He wears the hats of producer, songwriter, blogger, DJ, vocalist and, having recently signed with Manimal Vinyl, the artist can now add another creative endeavor to his resume: a debut album, out 14 February, entitled The Last Seduction. Renowned for his funky electro-disco remixes of songs by artists like Hilary Duff and Dirty Sanchez, Baron Von Luxxury also operates a popular music blog called Disco Workout. He has written songs with talents like Little Boots and Bonnie McKee (who penned Katy Perry’s megahit “California Gurls”), and his work has recently been featured on a variety of TV shows, such as The Hills and CSI: Miami.

by Comfort Clinton

15 Feb 2012

The True/False Film Festival will see it’s ninth year of operation this year when it showcases new films in its Columbus, Missouri home base between March 1st and 4th. The Festival, which features a wide range of films, many of which are fresh off tours at other Festivals like Sundance, Toronto and Berlin, has become recognized in recent years as a center for good film, good music and good fun.

One aspect that truly sets the True/False Film Festival apart from others like it, however, is The True Life Fund. Reaching its sixth year of highlighting documentary filmmakers and their pursuits, The True Life Fund selects a documentary of particular note, and channels fundraising efforts in the film’s direction. According to, The True Life Fund was established in order “to demonstrate that documentaries can create change by offering tangible assistance to the real-life subjects of a new non-fiction film”. Each year, the Fund, which aims to raise money through donations from True/False festival-goers and the local community, partners with an organization that promises to match its donation amount. This year, The Bertha Foundation has pledged to match up to $15,000 in donations.

by Comfort Clinton

15 Feb 2012

Steve Carell’s latest foray into the world of the dramedy comes in the form of Seeking a Friend for the End of the World. The newly released trailer for the film, out 22 June, introduces us to a world that knows it is going to end. Similar in premise to Lars Von Trier’s Melancholia, the film deals with how people react to the knowledge that their time on earth is coming to an unexpected end.

Carell plays a man in the middle of life, whose wife leaves him after the pair hear on their car radio that an asteroid is headed for earth, leaving human kind just three weeks to live. In the midst of watching his friends and co-workers deal with the impending doom in a variety of ways—everything from throwing a party every night to auctioning off the coveted position of CFO—Carell finds respite in his charming neighbor, played by Keira Knightley. Before long, the two decide to band together to help each other fulfill their last wishes—his to reunite with “the one that got away” and hers to see her family one last time. From the looks of the trailer, it seems that the pair encounter quite the adventure along the way, and that the impending asteroid might not be the only thing that’s falling hard…

by PopMatters Staff

15 Feb 2012

Last year we introduced PopMatters readers to Betty Black, who we described as “a musical chameleon changing personas and genres with a natural ease”. At that time she was just about to release the Slow Dance EP and now she’s set to release a new EP this April. In anticipation of that new work, Black (a.k.a. Sylvia Gordon) brings us a video directed by Bijoux Altamirano for the new tune “Bad Weather”. “Bad Weather” is swathed in sexiness, sultry mid-temp beats and washes of swirling synth textures. In a perfect world, Black would be your new favorite diva, as she has all of the pop friendliness that the title implies, but grounded in a restless musicality that sees her constantly trying new things, never content to follow a formula. After you’ve watched the video below, head on over to Black’s Bandcamp page where you can check out six of her tunes.

by Jane Jansen Seymour

15 Feb 2012

A song by Porcelain Raft, “Unless You Speak From Your Heart”, was “Today’s Top Tune” on KCRW the other day and I was instantly captivated. Its wavering synth intro led into the fuzzed out musical landscape of dream pop, until female vocals entered with symphonic percussion similar to Beach House. This tune is the selected single off is the new release, Strange Weekend, and rightly so. The catchy melody drifts over the tightly-wound song structure, creating a worthy listen. Behind the scenes is composer Mauro Remiddi, an Italian ex-pat who is now based in New York City. He’s on tour with Youth Lagoon, M83 and the Smith Westerns—certainly good company to be around. The video for the song is an arty black and white shoot of the band gamely trading places in front of a stark white background. They’re not exactly playing any instruments, but it’s nice to at least get a visual sense of the group. Many bands are opting out of this vehicle of communication, so this video did not disappoint an eager new fan.

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