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by Adriane Pontecorvo

2 Jun 2017

“I love the contrast between chaos and stillness,” says Nina Ferraro, the artist behind BONZIE, “and how those two things can exist in the same place.” Premiering today on PopMatters, BONZIE’s brand new video for track “Crescent” from sophomore LP Zone on Nine captivates as it studies that tremendous dichotomy.

Chicago-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ferraro recorded “Crescent” in London with Ali Chant and Adrian Utley of Portishead. It makes for an audiovisual experience of fascinating extremes: glaring lights and total darkness, acoustic notes and electric edge, a lone woman and a vast array of machine parts. “I’m wearing only bodypaint in the ‘Crescent’ video,” notes Ferraro. “It took three people nine hours to suit me in paint!” Clad only in said paint, she aims unwavering stares that are as intense as her uncanny voice, which moves easily from calm and controlled to a wild high at the song’s climax. She is at once cerebral and raw, the stormy human experience embodied in song.

by Jedd Beaudoin

2 Jun 2017

Photo: David Jackson

“All That Light” is the latest single and title tune from Nashville singer-songwriter Skye Steele’s most recent album. Directed and choreographed by Steele’s longtime friend Megan Schneeberger, a founding member of Chicago’s the Space Movement Project dance company, the clip was conceived as a re-imagination of a dream where one might find themselves in public and in their underwear. No shame, though, as everyone’s in their underwear. More than that the piece celebrates missteps, mistakes and the joy of dance itself, the promise of deeper human connections.

by PopMatters Staff

1 Jun 2017

Mike Schiller: There’s a title that looks like a total laugher (or, maybe, the title of a Philip K. Dick short story), but makes perfect sense when Matt Berninger sings it. Really, it’s a meditation on a relationship in transition, though exactly from what and to what isn’t clear; the only real clarity is in the difficulty of the situation. It’s one of those songs probably borne of a very specific situation or time in Berninger’s life, turned into the sort of sentiment that anyone who’s been in a relationship for longer than a month can identify with. The chaos going on around Berninger is appropriate for the subject matter, its looped and layered nature owing a debt to IDM while still grounding itself in the instruments of the rest of the band. It’s an interesting direction for the National, less mopey and more textured than much of their recent output while retaining the core elements that make them immediately identifiable. It’s a song that bodes well for the new album. [8/10]

by Jonathan Frahm

1 Jun 2017

Photo: David Greenwald

In the same vein as the indie hit-makers who’ve broken into the mainstream like Dispatch, Cedar Teeth is an up-and-coming band chockful of vibrant multi-instrumentalists and performers who dare to soar. On their latest, Farewell to Green Mountain, the collective is more inventive than ever, invoking influences that deftly jump between rollicking folk and anthem-filling rock riffs and choruses. They’re glued together as a compelling musical outlet by the gritty, lilting vocals of grunge-influenced frontman Dylan Martell, who has this to say about the EP:

by Jedd Beaudoin

1 Jun 2017

Freddie Nelson’s solo debut Shake the Cage will see the light of day on 7 July, and we are premiering the official video for the track “Hey Doll” today.

Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Nelson teamed up with Mr. Big’s Paul Gilbert in 2010 for the United States record and Nelson contributed to Gilbert’s 2016 effort I Can Destroy. For his record, Nelson opted to make an album that shined the spotlight on his talents as a writer, arranger, producer and multi-instrumentalist. Relying on only one outside player, drummer Thomas Lang (Robert Fripp, Tina Turner), Nelson delivers a collection of songs that display incredible emotional range and depth.

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