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by PopMatters Staff

9 Aug 2017

Spyros Stasis: Releasing an amazing series of records since her 2009 debut, The Spoils, Zola Jesus has attained a well-deserved stature in the experimental music scene. Taiga, her previous record, felt like a bit of a letdown, appearing more uncertain and awkward than her earlier works. On the contrary, “Exhumed”, the first single from Okovi could not be more focused, finding Zola Jesus at a moment of clear determination and sheer will. The perspective is much darker (the Ringu inspired video will convince you on that as much as the music,) the percussion taking on a tribal progression and the vocals piercing clearly through the instrumentation. It is a tour de force, a trip through pure tension, and it marks one of her finest moments. [9/10]

by Jonathan Frahm

9 Aug 2017

“The songs on Reaction Time weren’t written with any specific themes in mind,” says Grammy-winning artist Jason Wilber. “For me, those tend to emerge over time when I look back on the completed work.”

The artist has lent his consummate guitar skills to a fine blend of household names ranging from John Prine, Emmylou Harris, Kacey Musgraves, Iris Dement, and beyond throughout his over 20 years as a professional in music. Now, Wilber is making it a point to take listeners on a journey of his own with the heartful Americana reflections piecing together Reaction Time.

by PopMatters Staff

8 Aug 2017

Spyros Stasis: Since the beginning, Jessie Ware has been set on building a bridge between contemporary R&B and soul music. “Midnight”, her first new release in three years carries down the same path, but Ware appears more energetic and explosive. The track brilliantly balances between an atmospheric R&B dream setting and an upbeat, old-school soul chorus that allows her to explore the full range of her voice. It is an excellent first specimen from her upcoming work, which further raises expectations. [8/10]

by Sarah Zupko

7 Aug 2017

Jeremy & the Harlequins still believe in the power of rock and roll. From the visceral emotions to the release a good rock-out provides, a simple but brilliantly performed rock tune makes us feel good and part of something. This is not music for headphones or isolation. No, Jeremy & the Harlequins make music for crowds of people to have a great time together.

by PopMatters Staff

4 Aug 2017

Paul Carr: The Horrors return in style like a band of nighttime buccaneers intent on crashing the party and laying siege to your hips. On this gritty, swaggering electro tune the band mix pounding drums with an insistent synth led churn. It’s the perfect mixture of attitude, bravura, and mettle but matched by an unerring ability to write a tune to match. [9/10]

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