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by Jonathan Frahm

10 Aug 2017

Photo: Susan Moss

Calling back to breezy rock-and-roll this side of the Beatles’ first couple of albums, everything about the Karpinka Brothers’ latest single embraces nostalgic overtones with a sunny backbeat that’s hard not to groove along with.

by Jonathan Frahm

9 Aug 2017

“The songs on Reaction Time weren’t written with any specific themes in mind,” says Grammy-winning artist Jason Wilber. “For me, those tend to emerge over time when I look back on the completed work.”

The artist has lent his consummate guitar skills to a fine blend of household names ranging from John Prine, Emmylou Harris, Kacey Musgraves, Iris Dement, and beyond throughout his over 20 years as a professional in music. Now, Wilber is making it a point to take listeners on a journey of his own with the heartful Americana reflections piecing together Reaction Time.

by Sarah Zupko

7 Aug 2017

Jeremy & the Harlequins still believe in the power of rock and roll. From the visceral emotions to the release a good rock-out provides, a simple but brilliantly performed rock tune makes us feel good and part of something. This is not music for headphones or isolation. No, Jeremy & the Harlequins make music for crowds of people to have a great time together.

by Sarah Zupko

3 Aug 2017

Photo courtesy of Missing Piece Group

Jimmy Lumpkin and the Revival blend Southern sounds like soul, blues, and country with rock. Lumpkin’s soulful, affecting blues rock vocals provide the perfect center in the band’s music with lead guitarist Duane Betts’ (son of none other than guitar legend Dickey Betts) playing as the driving counterpoint. Meanwhile, throw in some fiery horns courtesy of the Crescent City Horn Stars and you wind up with a rocking musical melting pot. Jimmy Lumpkin and the Revival is a band made for the festival scene as they have a big sound full of feel-good vibes and Southern warmth.

by Jonathan Frahm

3 Aug 2017

Described as “bedroom pop”, James Higgs’ upcoming new record, Oblivion, is as ethereal as the Ghost Pavilion moniker he’s given his solo project might imply. With the intent to bend genre influences ranging from golden era disco to intricate jazz ensembles, Higgs develops a lush, multi-layered soundscape for listeners to get lost in on his newest single, “Vacant Stories”.

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