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by PopMatters Staff

12 May 2016

Photo: Cyrille Choupas

Cellist Gaspar Claus and his father, the renowned flamenco guitarist Pedro Soler, have teamed up for their second album of stunningly gorgeous flamenco music. Al viento pushes flamenco forward with its adventurous spirit and virtuostic musicianship. The early work on the album began in Iceland, which lends its mood to the pieces by infusing a sense of space and wonder and finished in warm colored environment of Spain. “Cuerdas Al Viento” showcases these aesthetics.

The artists tell PopMatters that “originally, this track is from Malaga (in Andalousia) and more specifically from the ‘fandangos de levante’ genre. Traditionally, this isn’t a style of music composed for people to dance to, which in turn gives the guitar and vocals more freedom in the genre. It later became lengthened by ‘Verdiales’, traditional rhythmic flamenco aimed at celebrating the harvest of “Verdiale” Olives in the countryside.”

by PopMatters Staff

9 May 2016

Seattle singer-songwriter David Nyro writes bravely about matters of the heart in masterfully constructed and composed songs. In fact, he’s a creator at heart, so much so that he will turn the singing of a song over to another performer if they suit the song ideally. For his latest tune, “Violence of the Heart”, Nyro brought on fellow Seattle singer-songwriter Katie Kuffel to sing this heart-rending tale of emotional violence in relationships. Kuffel offers up just the right amount of pathos and feeling to carry the song amidst gorgeous strings and piano-led music. The song is both sensitive and anthemic at the same time and it will appear on Nyro’s upcoming album later this year.

by PopMatters Staff

6 May 2016

Brice Ezell: For a band with such a reputable discography, Radiohead—rather perplexingly—continues to rely on gimmick-heavy album releases. The music cannot simply speak for itself. Sure, there can be an element of artistic ingenuity behind these rollouts, but they have increasingly begun to feel like hype mills, devices through which to generate the impression that an album is better or more important than it actually is. (This, of course, is not unique to Radiohead; no amount of cockamamie high-art justifications for Kanye’s constant alterations of The Life of Pablo can obscure its scattershot quality.) But because Radiohead is Radiohead—and music critics are music critics—the slightest hint of album release provocation will send online outlets and social media channels into a frenetic buzz of self-fulfilling hype. Never mind when Radiohead’s ostensibly innovative LP drops are hardly innovative (2007’s solid In Rainbows, whose pay-what-you-will model had been utilized previously before by a range of artists, including Bomb the Music Industry!) or when the hype deflates upon the arrival of a boring album (see the 2011 flop The King of Limbs): when Radiohead makes a sound, everyone listens with perked ears.

by Cole Waterman

28 Apr 2016

Genre blending is the modus operandi for multi-instrumentalist and producer Kyle Norton, based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. “I Feel Like I’m on Fire”, the lead track of his debut EP under new moniker Norty, is testament to that. With a electronic bedrock, it opens with an anachronistic jazz lounge bassline, piano notes, and brushed drums. The atmosphere is thick and swirls like curlicues of smoke as tempos shift, Norty’s relaxed vocals and hip hop beats join the sound collage.

by PopMatters Staff

26 Apr 2016

Austin’s funky duo of Anthony Farrell and Andrew Trube—aka Greyhounds—have their sophomore album Change of Pace releasing this Friday. The group’s psychedelic soul is a potent and eclectic mix. The cultural and political battlegrounds of America are very much the central preoccupation of this new record. Farrell says, “There’s this polarization of American culture where you’re either on our side or you’re against us, and I don’t think that really helps anybody.”

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