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by Jonathan Frahm

24 Feb 2017

Photo: Nate Burrell

Sometimes the best works of art are created in the most harrowing of moments. Such was the case for singer-songwriter Beth Bombara through the development of her upcoming album Map and No Direction. The Americana artist has previously described her upcoming record as written over “a couple months of a can’t-quite-get-out-of-bed, always-tired-but-can’t-sleep kind of depression”.

by Sarah Zupko

23 Feb 2017

Boise, Idaho’s Oceans Are Zeroes play an atmospheric brand of post-rock rooted in ambient music that can capture the vastness of wide-open landscapes, even the colors of the light and space. Oceans Are Zeroes’ music is deeply reflective and beautiful, while melodies are punctured with both melancholy and wonder. The band is set to release their self-titled debut album on April 17th, and we’ve got the gorgeous first single “Inside” that will thrill fans of Sigur Rós and Radiohead. Any band that can translate experienced sounds of nature into song with such finesse and beauty as Oceans Are Zeroes is headed places in my book.

by Sarah Zupko

20 Feb 2017

Vienna’s Chick Quest create their unique sound out of a vast array of influences that range from post-punk to Ennio Morricone, NEU!, and the Rapture. An American expat Ryan White formed the group in 2014 with the idea of blending the more dancey aspects of post-punk with the atmospheric, wide-open space sound of classic ‘60s western movie soundtracks. Meanwhile, repeated elements resurface in the music in a manner similar to the compositional techniques employed in electronic music. Chick Quest makes daring and innovative rock music as you will hear on their new LP Model View Controller releasing this Friday.

by Sarah Zupko

14 Feb 2017

For the past 10 years, British producer Hudson Mohawke has been creating romantic, slow jam mixtapes for Valentine’s Day. Today, he has dropped installment number 10 and it’s chock full of soulful grooves and testaments to the greatness of love.

by Sarah Zupko

8 Feb 2017

Photo: Melinda Green

Heath Green has been burning the house down night after night for 15 years in little clubs around the country, preaching the soulful rock ‘n’ roll that lights up the crowds. With his band the Makeshifters in tow, Green has built a solid reputation as a superlative live performer. The band’s sound is heavily influenced by the Faces, the Rolling Stones, and Humble Pie and they are all greatly indebted to African-American musical forms.

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Tibet House's 30th Anniversary Benefit Concert Celebrated Philip Glass' 80th

// Notes from the Road

"Philip Glass, the artistic director of the Tibet House benefits, celebrated his 80th birthday at this year's annual benefit with performances from Patti Smith, Iggy Pop, Brittany Howard, Sufjan Stevens and more.

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