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by PopMatters Staff

28 Jan 2016

Photo: Izabela Szczutkowska

The Altered Hours’ sound ranges from ethereal darkness to pysch-heavy trance to dreamy shoegaze, which makes it really easy to find yourself enveloped within their singular world. This visceral approach makes their live shows ever more engaging and thrilling than the average indie band. On January 29th, the Cork, Ireland band will release their new album In Heat Not Sorry via Art For Blind / Penske Recordings.

by PopMatters Staff

26 Jan 2016

Stephen Wyatt: Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon’s favorite band, Poliça, returns with a delectable synthpop lament ironically titled “Wedding”. Gayngs’ Ryan Olson and vocalist Channy Leaneagh continue to champion the finest aspects of electronic minimalism, focusing on lining each song with subtle innuendos and bass-driven grooves. Leaneagh’s voice, reminiscent of Blonde Redhead’s Kazu Makino’s come-hither delivery, adds mystery and intrigue to love’s cumbersome deceptions. “Wedding” is far from a joyous celebration of the matrimonial sacrament. It coyly teases fans of Poliça’s with slithery hooks and restrained rhythms, promising of even better songs to come. [7/10]

by PopMatters Staff

25 Jan 2016

Photo: Jacob Blickenstaff

Steve Horowitz: Hayes Carll does his imitation of Townes Van Zandt, but Carll misses the desperation that gave Van Zandt’s songs their edge. This track offers melancholy instead of pain under the pretense of deep feeling. Carll complains about not going crazy, but he should go crazy. You can’t light a fire, as the Boss says, without a spark. Otherwise, you are just whining. [6/10]

by PopMatters Staff

25 Jan 2016

Photo: Julia Schill

Broken Social Scene’s Lisa Lobsinger teams up with two other well-known Canadian indie rock musicians—Paul Pfisterer (The Beauties) and Marty Kinack (Transistor Sound & Light Co)—to form the dream-poppy Laser. This is Lobsinger’s first recorded solo work outside of Broken Social Scene and she very much has her own sound, veering off in a dreamy direction with tunes that feel completely organic, but are washed with gentle synths and languid beats. It’s a journey of the mind through late night city spaces, deep forested landscapes and wide open plains.

by PopMatters Staff

22 Jan 2016

Ryan Dieringer: CSLSX have been on the grind in Philly for a while. I played one of their first shows with them in 2011 when they first started dropping singles. They were surprisingly nice guys despite their media rep for “elusiveness”. It’s nice to see them nailing their role on this new Lushlife record. The haze and trap of this beat is almost uncannily indebted to Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, which of course is gonna sound good under an Atlanta flow. [8/10]

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