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by PopMatters Staff

2 Feb 2016

Hailing from the chilly climes of Windsor, Ontario, the Blue Stones turn the tables on their environment by playing the hottest kind of rock. Playing as a duo gives their blues rock sound lots of punch, rather like the White Stripes in that sense. The Blues Stones’ 2012 album, How’s That Sound?, charted on Bandcamp’s best-selling list and that combined with buzzed about live shows, puts the group on a path to success for their latest album, Black Holes, which releases this April. Today we are sharing the first single for that upcoming album, charging hard rock number “The Hard Part”.

by PopMatters Staff

1 Feb 2016

Chad Miller: Maybe it’s just the fact that the song has fossil in the name, but Ash Koosha really knows how to put a visual in the mind. Prehistoric scenes flash through the brain as this song plays out. He creates an interesting paradox by employing the lifeless electronic beats to act as the plentifully noisy bugs of the time, adding an interesting air to the piece. A distorted melody soon takes over once the introduction has set, adding the impression of chaos to the piece. I’ve heard music that’s meant to take you back to a simpler time. Never like this though. [7/10]

by PopMatters Staff

1 Feb 2016

Chad Miller: Lafawndah is in complete control of her presence. Just about as much control as she has over her situation. She sounds imbued with power as she sings “You don’t have a name / You don’t have a face” and “I’ll make you fall” over percussion that sounds like sparring weapons. It doesn’t sound angry just for the sake of being angry either as the opening line is “If you were willing to treat me right / I’d stand up by your side / Be down to burn me” which puts the rest of the song in interesting and ambiguous context, adding as much clarity as it removes. Musically the song is continuously exciting as well, particularly when she repeats her phrases in gorgeously jarring harmonies. Constantly interesting and musically engaging. An artist to watch for sure. [9/10]

by Jonathan Frahm

29 Jan 2016

D.S. Bradford may have first made “waves” with a musical release two years back in the form of “Oceans”, his debut single, but in actuality, the eclectic rocker’s career has been culminating for the better part of 32 years. Inspired by a broad-based expanse of bands and styles, from neo-progressive (Coheed and Cambria), to emo (Bayside), alternative rock (Foo Fighters), and so on, his psychedelic, soaring brand of rock and roll is the product of his living life, as well as its catalysts.

by PopMatters Staff

28 Jan 2016

Photo: Izabela Szczutkowska

The Altered Hours’ sound ranges from ethereal darkness to pysch-heavy trance to dreamy shoegaze, which makes it really easy to find yourself enveloped within their singular world. This visceral approach makes their live shows ever more engaging and thrilling than the average indie band. On January 29th, the Cork, Ireland band will release their new album In Heat Not Sorry via Art For Blind / Penske Recordings.

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