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by Jedd Beaudoin

17 Aug 2017

“Snow” is the new single from Akron, Ohio trio Ledges. Informed as much by the indie/alternative pop heard on the group’s 2014 EP The Indian Summer as it is ‘80s pop the song takes listeners on a broad, cinematic journey that’s continued across the outfit’s upcoming LP Homecoming, due out September 1. The album follows one character across stages of loss, love, redemption, and doubt.

by Jonathan Frahm

17 Aug 2017

Photo: Matthew Blum

Billed as sludge pop and desert rock, Nashville’s Oginalli follows in the footsteps of other hallmark female indie trailblazers like Mitski and Sadie Dupuis by confronting rock ‘n’ roll patriarchy and toppling it.

Fronted by Emma Hoeflinger (vocals) and Karalyne Winegamer (drums), the duo brings the goods with a slow-burning, brooding track in the form of “Substance Abuse”. Simultaneously ethereal and soaring while also embracing a hazy and mired grunge, the psych-rock soundscape that Oginalli manages to develop here is impressive by any measure. It’s all stapled together by the strong vocal show Hoeflinger puts on over its searing chorus.

by Jonathan Frahm

17 Aug 2017

Photo courtesy of Public Display PR

In a similar way to how Andrew Bird dealt with building a conceptual world around his Pulaski at Night EP with his violin as its centerpiece, Dina Maccabee is exploring vibrant experimental worlds equipped with her viola.

“This record is at its heart a document of me trying to figure out how to become a one-woman band. I was using what I had: a viola and a laptop,” she says of developing her latest solo album, The World Is in the Work.

by Sarah Zupko

16 Aug 2017

Photo: Robby
Klein (The Press House)

Americana up and comer Christian Lopez has already impressed us with his 2015 album Onward, which he released at 19 years old. Now he’s back with another album, Red Arrow, which will be released September 22nd via Blaster Records. Two years and Lopez’s sound is maturing fast as his songwriting grows more and more accomplished with every new tune.

Lopez’s new single “1972” is shuffling country ballad painted as an ode to his 1972 International Scout truck that he owned during his teenage years. In this case, a truck is more than a truck as it served as Lopez’s means of freedom as a young man and something that produced many great memories for the artist.

by Jonathan Frahm

16 Aug 2017

Photo: Jeremy Wade

The New Zero is, in its essence, the idea that the aftermath of an event is malleable,” says Melville lead singer Ryan T. Jacobs. “Things, both good and bad, happen to people on a daily basis and we can’t usually affect the input coming our way but what we can do is affect the outcome of what has already happened and where we go from there.”

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Gremlins and the Housewife in 'Don't Be Afraid of the Dark'

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"The house itself wants to pull the neurotic woman into its maw and absorb her whole as a literal housewife.

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