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by Brice Ezell

17 Feb 2015

Featuring Stew (The Negro Problem, Passing Strange), Paul Lacques (I See Hawks in L.A.), Joe Berardi (Fibonaccis, Stan Ridgway), Marc Doten (Shelby Lynne), Marcus Watkins (Nina Hagen), the eclectic collective Double Naught Spy Car + Stew took on a daunting chance with their new album, Panorama City. The group, comprised of the “spaghetti/jazz/prog/surf/twang” quartet Double Naught Spy Car and the singer/songwriter Stew, took to the studio with a clear directive: “create instant songs, no rehearsing, no second takes”. The result is an album of tunes that fit under the label “free jazz with a pop mold”. Below you can stream one of these inventive creations of this collaboration, “Sweet Jackie’s Revenge”, which marries prog rock guitar riffing and drum beats that sound like they were culled from a Charles Mingus album.

by Brice Ezell

16 Feb 2015

Following their recent TV debut on WTNH’s Connecticut Style Stage 8, the rock quintet Chaser Eight has continued to rise in their native Connecticut music scene. With their debut self-titled LP, the group is poised to continue growing both in artistic skill and public appreciation. The impressive pipes of frontwoman *AUDRA* make a distinct impression right out of the gate, but the four men who back her are no slouches. The interplay is tight as the band’s ambitions are large.

by Brice Ezell

12 Feb 2015

Last spring, the world lost an inimitable talent when Frankie Knuckles passed away at age 59 from complications related to Type II Diabetes. To pay their musical respects to the man, Underworld, Heller and Farley, and the Misterons have put together an unsurprisingly groovy cover of Knuckles’ “Baby Wants to Ride”. The track will be available to download and purchase on 12” vinyl; the former is out now, while the latter’s UK release date is set for 13 April. All proceeds from the single will benefit the Frankie Knuckles Fund which is associated with the Elton John Aids Foundation.

by Brice Ezell

12 Feb 2015

Argentinian producer and musician Panda Elliot—described as three in one, “woman, band, and producer”—dropped her sophomore LP, Forastera, in the fall of 2014. Not but a few months later, she has gotten someone to remix the album cut “Guerrero”, the follow-up to lead single ‘Ligerita’. The original tune’s energy is potent enough on its own; in the hands of _AlexPatri_, the danceability is boosted considerably, with laser-sharp synths making this remix right for the club.

by Cole Waterman

11 Feb 2015

Airy synths and evocative, tumbling beats float up effervescently in the suitably titled “Air Balloons”, the new single borne of the collaboration between producer Eddie Logix and singer/songwriter Britney Stoney. Dream poppy with a spaciousness that spreads as the tune goes on, “Air Balloons” is rife with seduction. Layers of intricate bleeps, vocal inflections, and swirling melodies serve as the bed upon which Stoney’s sultry voice rises up, singing the moving query of “Do you feel me now?” amidst the dusky atmosphere.

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